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Interesting song here... Feel nice listening to it when it's snowing.

The Audreys - Small Things

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Till I Get Over You (2)


Life goes on..

College is fun. I am having lots of fun now in my TV Class. Last Tuesday i was in the broadcasting team to broadcast our College Men & Women Championship live on our very own channel. Was pretty nervous coz it's my first time working surrounded by 100% caucasians, plus i ONLY have experience in camcorders. It's a long day job. Luckily i was based in the control room as a CG who controls the graphic. It's a great experience.

I try to keep myself busy and making friends..

John, Hiro, Taran are pretty nice people to hang out with. And i'm starting to make friends in my TV class.

I don't wanna sound like a depressing bitch, but i really miss my friend alot. I just wish she's online or in Malaysia, or somewhere around the world, talking to me or just response all of my messages. It's really hard. I think of her all the time. It must be harder for Christine, coz she's gonna be around places full of memories..

I guess when i'm all alone, this is what i can think about, after all my assignment is accomplished. I am still hurting. Deeply.

I have no inspiration of blogging anymore. I feel like all i could think about is my pain.

I'll keep this blog. I'll write when i feel i want to..

"Til I Get Over You"

Everytime I feel alone
I can blame it on you
And I do, oh

You got me like a loaded gun
Golden sun and sky so blue
We both know that we want it
But we both know you left me no choice

(Chaque fois que tu t'en vas)
You just bring me down
(Je pr©tends que tout va bien)
So I'm counting my tears 'til I get over you

Sometimes I watch the world go by
I wonder what it's like
To wake up every single day
Smile on your face
You never tried
We both know we can't change it
But we both know we'll just have to face it

If only I could give you up
But would I want to let you off of this soapbox baby?
We both know that we want it
But we both know you left me no choice


We both know that I'm not over you
I'm not over you

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Snowmagaddeon (2)


I know i overused this 'snowmagaddeon' word on my FB and Twitter, but it's seriously the worst snow ever that happened across the East Coast.
I am glad it all happened on weekdays, coz i was so stressed over my studies coz i was suppose to have test yesterday and i was 4 chapters behind. :S Thank God schools were closed and i am safe!

So we hung out at home the whole day. Watched Nani got Red Card. Sucks!

Later on in the evening with the GILA BLIZZARD, we all went out for their restaurant's annual dinner. OMG! Damn gila...
We're all dressed up for it, that what i like about it..

I miss the CNY feel. :( I have to work somemore on CNY/Vday.
Wish everyone will have a great CNY and Valentine's Day..
Please be in the best of health..

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