Runaway Train (1)


First week of college is finally over. First days of classes, lecturers started giving homeworks and etc. Argghh!! But that is what i want. :D

So my college is a community college. Very small, but still bigger than HELP or Taylor's. Lol..

This is the corridor. The college is like a pentagon or something like that.. Each building is like a department.

The center of the buildings.. I normally walk indoor if i wanna get to another side to avoid the coldness. It has been crazy this week. It goes down to like -7 Celsius in the afternoon. Gila babi cold. Thank God Targets are selling summer clothes now, which means, winter is about to end in 2 months! Woot!

The road i take from the student car park to the campus. Very challenging coz wind blows like gila too!

Classroom.. I know, so high school type. We got lecturer halls too, but that's for bigger class. They are nicer looking than this.

So last Friday, Wankit and i drove up to NYC for Russell Peter's The Green Card Tour. It was fun but freaking cold!! I really love that city... Probably during the Spring, will do go there and explore more fantastic eating places.

The weather too cold, dunno how to dress up nicely to NYC. Luckily everybody in NYC dress up like i do, all wrapped up like pao.

At Rockefella Center Ice Skating Rink

I apologizing for not bringing my good quality camera. Using my iPhone to capture the extremely bright backdrop of Master Beters(inside joke).

I like NYC.

This week's addiction :

  • Semisonic - Closing Time
  • Wilson Phillips - Hold On
  • Ace of Base - I Saw The Sign
  • The Cardigans - Lovefool
  • Soul Asylum - Runaway Train
  • New Radicals - You Get What You Give
  • Amy Grant - Baby Baby
  • Blesses Union of Souls - I Believe

90's hits... Sometimes, i feel i like living in the past..
I miss my dear friend everyday. I still find it hard to accept it. I hope i can get better.

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Stranger (0)


It's the first day of class today. Yes! I am totally excited and thrilled about going back to books. Actually, i rather study than spending the rest of my day working in the restaurant.

Anyway, it was raining heavily today and the wind is like typhoon. I bought a new turquoise color umbrella for college rainy days use and it didn't helped at all. I was so afraid that the wind might break my umbrella, so i decided to keep it back and get drenched. Was a slight jam on the way to college, so i was rather late for my first class, 'Intro to TV'.

If you are/were a B.Com/ADP HELP student, you would know those 'intro' kinda classes are mostly theories and histories etc based. But in Mercer, i am amazed, shocked, scared, stressed and intimidated at the same time. The class is held in a green screen studio room, with lightings hanging from the ceiling, 3 huge studio camera and a control room. The lecturer said, this class will be project and practical based, no final exam. So we'll be getting our toes in each department such as directing, camera, Anchoring(so worried), lighting and etc in TV production. The thing is, most of my classmates are well experienced with this industry. For example, they hosted in their local high school TV channel, had an internship with the local radio station and is a part time reporter. I felt so intimidating! Where else i was a cameraman in a 8 minute film and i learnt nothing about the camera. =.=

I am so kiasu.. I don't wanna lose to other people. And i am gonna do group project with them. Gosh.. Will they laugh at my accent? Hate this kinda feeling...
Miss my Sandra and Christine so much. I wish they are here with me.

English classes was better. Made some couple of international friends, one from Egypt and a girl from Germany.. She's nice and she speaks super fast. hahaha...

I hope i will enjoy college life like how i did in HELP with Sandra & Christine and bunch.

The day ended with a beautiful sunset.. Must be Sand trying to cheer me up.

Then i started my car, and Toploader's Dancing In The Moonlight played from my i-Pod. That was Sand's ringtone when i first met her at the Bursary, coz i was using the exact ringtone too.
I miss her.

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Kills Me (3)


My nights has been easier. I don't wake up in the middle of the night thinking about Sand that often, but still do.
I just have to keep myself busy with work all day. Keep on working.. I try not to be alone, coz if i am i will just break down and feel the emptiness in me.
Knowing i will not see you again, knowing i will not hear your voice, knowing i will not eat good food with you, knowing you will not reply all my comments, knowing you will not comment on my pictures and etc, knowing i lost my no.1 stalker in facebook and blog, knowing i can't talk to you again.. It's just madness for me to digest.
I still cannot believe this.
I will try to move on without you, but i am afraid i will not think of you that often. I don't wanna let you go. You are belong in many many chapters of my life. We are meant to be best friends forever with Xtine.
I miss you. I miss looking at you blur face when you did something silly and you know that i am mad.

Can you come back to me please? I really don't know how to move on without you. How can my Sand suddenly been deleted from this earth?

I just can't...

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Don't Ask Why (3)


I am lost of words.
My boyfriend woke me up when he saw Christine's msn message.
I just couldn't believe it.. I did not cry. It's too hard to believe. I feel like they are playing a prank to lure me back to Malaysia..

I just couldn't let go.
I couldn't believe it.
I felt very comfortable around her.

I still can hear her voice calling out my name.

We had too lil time together but yet, lots of memories together.

She made me feel appreciated as a friend. She is always there in the best year of my life..

This is insane.

I am very hurt and vulnerable.

I am not talking about some other friend i have who passed away. I am talking about a friend i call my best friend. Someone i called a true friend.. Someone is so kind, innocent and pure and down to earth and humble.

I am very hurt. Very very painful..

I wish she can reply all my messages.. All my twits. I wish she never died. I wish this is not true.

I have nothing to say besides i am very hurt and i miss her alot, and there is nothing i can do with it.

This was her ringtone :

"Don't ask why, Before we get too close just let me, Say goodbyeIt's easier this way, Don't ask why, Before you ask the question and I Die Inside, Just let me walk away... "
-Vanessa Hudgens-

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Untitled.. Maybe I Am Empty (1)


It hurts..
I miss my family every single minute of my life here, in USA.
I know my mummy is trying her very best to get her ass here to visit me.
I am afraid i am demanding too much from my mummy.
My grandma ain't gonna be at home to take care of my sister any longer.
What if my mother is here, where is my sister gonna be?
Who is gonna take care of her?
I feel like a selfish bitch again..

But i miss my mother..

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Back To School (3)


2 more weeks till my class starts..
I can't wait.
I just want some assignments rolling in.

At the meantime, i am wondering will i meet new friends?

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When It Comes To An End.... You Move Along (0)


Happy New Year everybody..

I had been very occupied by work and i am always tired coz it has been super busy lately at work.
Anyway, i had a pleasant Christmas with Wankit and his family in Virginia. We stayed over at his Uncle's place.. He's got a very very nice house.

The main hall

View from the main entrance

Main dinning room

In the basement, personal pool table.. That's where everybody hangs out at

Very creative stairs i must say. :D
Then his uncle hosted a Christmas Party.. Let's just let the pictures do the talking.

Just woke up on Christmas morning.. Our first Christmas physically together.

Then we got dressed up to visit the family's memory lane.. The places the used to stayed and work etc..

Chilling out at Starbucks

Then we got home get ready for the party..

The party was a lil boring for young people like us.. So we did our own stuff at the basement.

And i did my karaoke on YouTube.
Reminds me of spending CNY with my family in Malaysia. The cousins will be hanging out in my room making music with whatever we got. But i guess Wankit's cousins are not so musical as mine la.

And i got this for my present exchange game.

Can't wait to use it with the USJ13 people to drinkdrankdrunk!

I feel so outdated when i saw these young people open their presents.

I had a fabulous Christmas with Wankit and his family tho i rather be with my own family. Mummy and Jo was pretty lonely this Christmas coz Peng Ee, Jill and Popo is in Australia on vacation.

I am really glad that this Christmas i get to spend it with Wankit.

Isn't it funny how time flies?
I remember i was bloging and making video about 2008 and now 2009 has come to an end.

2009, was a blast. Let me recall..

  • I planned to come to States to study and i got my visa
  • I lost my job in Starbucks NZX :(
  • I had the best vacation of my life at Redang
  • I bid my goodbyes to my family and friends and i left to States with Wankit.. Very dramatic moment with my family at the airport
  • I started to work in States, work and work and work.
  • My student visa got approved and i enrolled to a college here.
  • I paid my first semester with my own hard earn money.

Man... What a serious year i had? It's all about planning and making an effort for my future with Wankit.

You know what i missed about New Year? Is being with Chew and gang at 1 Utama.. The fireworks is fabulous and beautiful. Kinda miss that kinda countdown.

I remember when i was younger, i always try to convince my mummy that we have to wear new clothes on New Year's Day. Haha...

Happy New Year everyone! Hope 2010 is gonna be a great year.. Let's get through it no matter what shit comes, we must get through it.

My resolution for 2010 is, live my life to the fullest with Wankit and make sure i save enough to pay my college. Haha! Cheers!!!

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