Don’t Matter (0)


It don’t affect me much, but i feel very sad for everbody. Just makes me sad..

Hanson - Go
Found at bee mp3 search engine

This is Hanson-Go, emo.

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Things I Miss (3)


Well, besides my family. I miss my 2 close friends that i used to have in college. They are currently having a print screen craze. :(



I miss them can?

I wish i got someone to gila with here. That’s when i really really miss them.

By the way, Cover Girl’s mascara is GOOD!


StarStar Imma Diva (3)


Happy happy happy!

Fiona got me a bling bling key chain today. I am so happy!


Say bye bye to my ugly Redang Dolphin key chain!


Say hello to new Star Star Bling Bling Key chain!


Say hello to me too!


I’m too bored. Business is bad today. I am so free that i can self shot at work, with off focus. Stupid camera, still trying to figure out how to use it correctly.

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You Make Me Crazier (2)


This is a magical song. Randomly played it and magic happened. He’s always so sweet to me even if i am mean to him. Hhaha.. Which makes me crazier. It’s crazy enough to leave my family coz of him, well, partly coz of studies too.

At hard times like this, he’s always there to support me and give me the strength to fight for my dream.

I miss my old lady and my old old lady. I wish i could take care of them, but i only can hope and pray my sister will take over my job for a few years for me. Haih.. Words just can’t explain how i feel now. Life..

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The Ball Poking (5)


Last Saturday night, the original plan is to go for bowling. But we ended work about 11pm and reached the place at 11.30pm. The alley closes at 12.30am, so we’re thinking what’s the point. So we went for some pool, which the Hong Kies call ‘tok bo’, poke ball. lolx..

It was fun, but i damn suck at it. Didn’t play much. Wankit played like my hero tho. :D


Fiona & Fei


Melica and mua


Fiona with Sam


And presenting Vincent, Wankit’s brother. So cute.



Was hanging out at Wankit’s college. Raining.. Weather was cold too.




I survived not buying ANYTHING from a huge mall today. So proud of myself. Saw many many gladiators and nice heels that is ONLY $12, but i didn’t buy. Can someone give me some credits please?

024 026

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Free Pastry Day! (2)

Got up early and follow to Wankit's college so i could get some free pastries from Starbucks. It's a rainny day today. :( No sun for me to sun tan on my day off. Been sun tanning on Sunday, the sun is so strong and nice, i was red. I love the sun!

But the weather forecast reported it's gonna be raining for the next 10 days. I got the sudden urge to get Pua Chu Kang Boots like these :

Pretty huh? It can keep my feet as dry as possible. Unlike my pumps, it's drenched now. Don't have to say, if i wear my Converse shoe, i would probably trip when i am walking under the rain.

Here i am, sitting alone at Wankit's college campus lab blogging with a cuppa Grande Soy Green Tea Latte and my pumps drenched.

Mummy asked me why i haven't been blogging lately. Coz i was too busy with work and keeping Chow Wankit full and my room clean.

I miss you, mummy.

Half an hour of intensive Gym trainning with Chris later! Woot! That's how Wankit and i date.

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He Holds The Key To My Heart (5)


Alright. Yesterday was my day off. I cooked Chicken Porridge but apparently the Chow family does not appreciate the tasteness of porridge. My i was craving for it, especially Peng Ee’s.

Then after Wankit came back from class, we went to the mall and i shopped in F21!!! Awesome! Haha…

I found these pictures in my phone, so post it up for y’all to see i’m still fine.



This indian kid is so adorable, he’s super friendly to me and hi-5ed me when i was beside him taking order.


So tempted to buy HbP’s PS3 game which cost $49.90! It’s the same price as the American Idol game, but at least AI comes with a mic. Maybe i’ll do some hunting on e-Bay.



Never buy Italian Ice-creams that comes by your door step. Super not nice. And they play sad songs like Popeye The Sailorman



This is for Sand. Yes! Target is 5 minutes drive from my place and it’s full of indians coz it’s cheap. Hahaha.. Went there to buy some bras.

Made Steak for dinner right after Gym with our personal trainer, Chris. He’s a pusher and real funny and friendly. My legs are killing me btw, so he’s good.

Then we rushed out for Ice Age 3, in 3D! It was real fun but the screen is kinda small, so that’s a lil potong steam.


Toi tois are clean here Elaine!



IMG00018-20090714-2123 Alright, gtg to work now. And HbP tonight. I love Wankit Chow for every single reason!

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For Whatever Reasons.. (9)


No pictures. Just a quick blog to express the way i feel after watching Ice Age 3. It was 11pm, i was so shocked from the crowd outside the cinema. 3 midnight movies of HPHbP was sold out. As i walked pass the Q, i spotted some wearing Hogwarts uniforms and T-shirts. I was so sad, that i cried. I blame myself for not being part of this, tho with the Americans. I blame myself for choosing my job over my childhood, i sorta grew up in the imaginary world of Harry Potter. I blamed myself for whatever reason i had for not watching the midnight film. So i cried and cried and cried. I am still feeling sad. Thank God, my Wankit comforted me and bought the tickets immediately for tomorrow’s show. He’s so sweet. He’s been the best i ever had in my life. I thank God for him. I made a promise to myself in Deadly Hallows movie premiere, by hook or by crooks, i am gonna wear Slytherins’s Uniform and watch the midnight show. Coz it’s my last time living in my childhood.

I took lots of pictures today, but my eyes are too swollen to open. I’m hitting the sheets now.And i shall dream of Half-blood Prince.

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Boredomness (4)


Alright, i am so bored that i am blogging about this.

I think i am wearing more of this specs,

than this specs,

And i hate to admit that i miss my friends after Skype-ing withing with Sandra last night. She’s was going on and on about her life like she used to. Really miss those days. And i think my dressing style and motivation is dying, coz no Christine-style motivation. I miss them both!

And i miss talking to Thini about my thrill of waiting for Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince to premiere. But now, no one around me seems to be interested in it. Chow Wankit won’t be able to catch the midnight show with me, so i gotta wait 2 days later to watch. Owh! He just said he can watch the midnight show with me as he saw me typing. We’ll see if i get the chance or not. =.=

I always got the feeling of wearing the costume to watch Harry Potter movies. I don’t think i have the guts to do it here tho. :( Scared people laugh at me. I think i have more guts in Malaysia then.

Haih.. I heard this is gonna be the best movie of HP, can’t wait. I don’t wanna be disappointed again like Prisoner of Azkaban.


And i just started reading this. I know i damn slow. So hard to keep up with fashion, interest and internet world when you’re working. :[

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American Dream Roll (8)


Business isn’t very good during summer, so i knocked off from work early today. Took some pictures.

This is Al, our main sushi maker. He don’t speak any sorts of mandarin or chinese dialect.

007 006

This is Melica and Dave. Melica’s about my age, slightly younger than me, my height but obviously i look larger than her. Huge spender.

008 009

Ok, my face was super oily, after work, what do you expect?

This is Fiona, Wankit’s Sister-in-law, making American Dream Roll for us as supper. :D


I’m so bored. I didn’t dream of work last night, but i dreamt of Chew! Yesh, and i sleep talked again. I dreamt that Chew dumped Elaine. Then Elaine got pregnant with Chew’s child. And Chew cheated with my primary school friend that i don’t really like, and she’s pregnant too. I was so mad at Chew. SO MAD! Then i woke up.

Good night.

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