Alright, i am so bored that i am blogging about this.

I think i am wearing more of this specs,

than this specs,

And i hate to admit that i miss my friends after Skype-ing withing with Sandra last night. She’s was going on and on about her life like she used to. Really miss those days. And i think my dressing style and motivation is dying, coz no Christine-style motivation. I miss them both!

And i miss talking to Thini about my thrill of waiting for Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince to premiere. But now, no one around me seems to be interested in it. Chow Wankit won’t be able to catch the midnight show with me, so i gotta wait 2 days later to watch. Owh! He just said he can watch the midnight show with me as he saw me typing. We’ll see if i get the chance or not. =.=

I always got the feeling of wearing the costume to watch Harry Potter movies. I don’t think i have the guts to do it here tho. :( Scared people laugh at me. I think i have more guts in Malaysia then.

Haih.. I heard this is gonna be the best movie of HP, can’t wait. I don’t wanna be disappointed again like Prisoner of Azkaban.


And i just started reading this. I know i damn slow. So hard to keep up with fashion, interest and internet world when you’re working. :[

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Karthini said...

Heh, you're reading Twilight! Better late than never :) Its really a good romantic piece but Harry Potter is a masterpiece compared to Twilight. I'm hoping they wont screw up this HBP movie. It was my faourite book in the series...because it had Tom Riddle's history in it. I found it so fascinating!

I cant wait for the movie to be out!And have you been checking out all the cast pics? Gosh! They all look so darn good! All grown up! But that Jessie Cave girl is yucks! Dont know how she got the part of Lavender Brown! :P

I miss talking to you about Harry Potter too! Remember the countdown we had in Form 3 to Order of The Phoenix? Hahah...damn crazy! I remember how careful you were with your book once you bought it. You wouldnt even open it till about 90 degrees to read it in class for fear of it being times!

But i cant blame you, i love my books too. Love for them to be in perfect condition :)

Btw, you look better in the frameless glasses la...:)

Anonymous said...

i tak diajak oso for skyping..sob sob =(

sandrawong said...

Whoa I didn't come online for a few days, I missed out so many blog posts!
I've been reading Half Blood Prince every night before I go to sleep these days
I read til 4am last night because my sisters want me to bring them go cinema watch so I'm refreshing my mind about the story before watching it
I think I'm gonna love Deathly Hallows the movie more, since it's the last

Melanie said...

the movie was choppy and all. but it was my 2nd fav HP film.

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