American Dream Roll


Business isn’t very good during summer, so i knocked off from work early today. Took some pictures.

This is Al, our main sushi maker. He don’t speak any sorts of mandarin or chinese dialect.

007 006

This is Melica and Dave. Melica’s about my age, slightly younger than me, my height but obviously i look larger than her. Huge spender.

008 009

Ok, my face was super oily, after work, what do you expect?

This is Fiona, Wankit’s Sister-in-law, making American Dream Roll for us as supper. :D


I’m so bored. I didn’t dream of work last night, but i dreamt of Chew! Yesh, and i sleep talked again. I dreamt that Chew dumped Elaine. Then Elaine got pregnant with Chew’s child. And Chew cheated with my primary school friend that i don’t really like, and she’s pregnant too. I was so mad at Chew. SO MAD! Then i woke up.

Good night.

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8 Responses:

Chew said...

OMG!!! Crazy r

Melanie said...

Haha.. I was damn angry in my dream k. Until i sleep talk

sandrawong said...

I think you had too much of discussion about Chew on Facebook
Omg lar seriously you super funny
I get dreams when I sleep with my sisters in their room
But when I sleep alone in my room, I don't get any =)

Captain said...

=.=... chew~~

Chew said...

Do you hate me now? haha

Elaine said...

Chew: I hate you now. HATE BI!
Ah Mel: Thanks for dreaming and let me know earlier.

Elaine said...

Anyway Mel, do your primary school friend has the alphabet " X " on her name?

Melanie said...

Chew : I don't hate u la.. only in my dreams when u cheat.

Elaine : her name is winnie. no 'x'. i guess u need to make a new sign with 'w'

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