The Ball Poking


Last Saturday night, the original plan is to go for bowling. But we ended work about 11pm and reached the place at 11.30pm. The alley closes at 12.30am, so we’re thinking what’s the point. So we went for some pool, which the Hong Kies call ‘tok bo’, poke ball. lolx..

It was fun, but i damn suck at it. Didn’t play much. Wankit played like my hero tho. :D


Fiona & Fei


Melica and mua


Fiona with Sam


And presenting Vincent, Wankit’s brother. So cute.



Was hanging out at Wankit’s college. Raining.. Weather was cold too.




I survived not buying ANYTHING from a huge mall today. So proud of myself. Saw many many gladiators and nice heels that is ONLY $12, but i didn’t buy. Can someone give me some credits please?

024 026

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5 Responses:

Karthini said...

Ahahaha! The last pic is adorable...Mel the jailbird! Lol...

Christine said...

I AM PROUD OF YOU SWEETIE! :D :D and those boots are mighty adorable! GO BUY! HAHAHHAHA!

Anonymous said...

hey what do you use to record your covers yeah?

sandrawong said...

Eh you serious about the boots ar?
Me no likey
Anyway, well done MelMel!
Save money banyak banyak, then only buy things that you TRULY need and want okay

teebie said...

ah mel mel! i like ur sweater la! jealous no.2~

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