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Dream of Dream (1)



I just think i really need to write a review on this movie, Inception. It is a very extraordinary idea. A very brilliant production by Christopher Nolan that brought us The Dark Knight.


First of all, the idea and the plot of this piece is very unique. Nothing that you’ve seen before. Typical Hollywood blockbuster movie. Very high budget.. Of coz, it was well edited without 3D crap. Finally i am watching an old fashion special effects movie that surprisingly looks real to me. Everything looks real even if it’s not on 3D.  


It’s a very smart plot. Plant an idea in a target's subconscious? The architecture fantasies are beyond anyone’s imagination. Everything is amazing and.. I just have to say, Nolan’s got a great mind. Those 80 pages of treatment Nolan wrote, was worth the wait. Sometimes i wonder, where these ideas come from? A dream? I couldn’t even remember my own dream. Perhaps it’s too depressing that i choose to forget.


The love story was fine. Doesn’t touch me much but i do feel the pain of losing someone that is so dear, i do feel the pain of missing the family. But the emotions are just not enough.

Luckily the actions and effects was mind blasting. I must say that Marion Cotillard is so sexy that i wonder how can Codd not love her?




I really love this movie, overall.


After the movie, the boyfriend asked, “So did Codd came back to reality?”


I thought that was a pretty good question.


But i just replied, “Nolan just calls it’s cuts there.”


I guess this is the question he left us with…



Detestable Summer (1)


I know i had been complaining the unbearable heat here in Jersey, i am still gonna complain. The heat is gonna give me a heat stroke soon.

Last summer when i first came, there was really greeny grass and lots of greeny trees around, duh, Jersey the Garden State. This summer, the grass are light brownish! What a total eye sore! The heat is unbearable, the sun is burnable, this summer is detestable. I am so hating this summer.


Honestly, i rather freeze myself during winter, at least i can put on more clothes and BOOTS! And it’s more fun to layer your clothes.

Now summer is just the lesser the better, pretty routine i must say, tanks, shorts and flip flops.


Uggh! Kill me! I just hope this Wednesday’s weather in Philadelphia will be cooling. COZ I’LL BE WATCHING MANCHESTER UTD SUMMER TOUR! Awesome!! Too bad Wayne Rooney will not be coming.. :(


I can’t wait!


Shoes! (3)

I am not a big fan of American designed shoes, mainly the shoes here in Jersey. If it's not too ugly, it's too expensive. I really miss Vinci. Afordable yet stylish!

I was shopping around with the boyfriends mummy after lunch and Penang and I found these 2! Cheap and not bad looking! Plus, my size!

Gold girly flats! Just what I need for summer..

Fergelicious by Fergie shoe! $10 only!

Saw one booty that cost $30! But it's nice and comfortable.. Love it alot! And I can wear it during winter too.. But it's way out of my budget!

Really hate this summer.. So hot! Humid! It's even worst than Malaysia.. I can't wait for Fall to come. I miss college.
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Independence Day (0)

It was America's independence day when Thomas Jefferson declared that all men have the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit their happiness. That is the reason I love america. Everyone has their rights!

Anyway, yesterday wankit and his family brought me to New York, Flushing for some Malaysian food hunt. We don't have clams(see ham) in jersey. So we had curry laksa with clams! Super awesome k..

Then we walk around and headed home for BBQ with the rest of the family..

Love the New York skyline

Super hot summer BBQ

It was a pleasent day but I didn't have time to continue watching my sex and the city; therefore, I shall declare today is gonna be my unproductive day where I will attempt to finish watching sex and the city..

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Heartbreaks (1)


Was on the way home and i heard Vertical Horizon’s Best I Ever Had.. It really reminds me of all of the pain and recovery of break ups.

A friend of mine is going through a very heartbreaking break up. As a friend, i feel sorry for her and wanna keep her strong, but another part of me, really feel the pain she is feeling.

The heartbreaks that really broke me was with, Alif, Shawn, Jack and Ethan.

Boy, it hurts like mad!

I remembered once i was at Citiplaza celebrating my 17th birthday and i was a little tipsy. And there Jack was, and there Best I Ever Had was playing.. He was there to comfort me when i was crying because of our break up. I was the one who dumped him, why was i feeling sad? I just felt really really sad that night. I could say, the worst birthday ever, tho my RDs gave a Simple Plan Live Album. Used to be my favourite band; how embarrassing? So there we were, 2 person in love, just couldn’t be together. The pain… Really a painful one.

Of coz, i moved on the next day. :D


I guess, i never would wanna feel that pain anymore. I hope i never will from now.


I Wish It All Go Away (0)


Checking out Christine’s pictures on Facebook. She is having so much fun. Everything seems fine, but i know, she feels the same way that  i do too.

After so many months, i still find myself feeling vulnerable towards the fact that, i no longer can see Sand.

I cried when i was watching the trailer of Charlie St.Cloud with the song, Run by Snow Patrol, playing at the background.

It hits me so hard that i couldn’t careless if i was in the cinema alone with fulhouse of people waiting to watch Eclipse.

When will i get over her? She is always with me.

It is so hard to actually get a friend like her. Someone i feel very comfortable with. Someone you can share everything with. Even her weaknesses does pissed you off sometimes, you will always find it adorable and easily forgivable.


I miss her.


I feel like a loser sometimes who can’t face reality.


Well, maybe, she is my reality. I really love her..


And sometimes, i might be a little scared to talk to Christine. Brings back those memories. I am glad she found new great friends, and i am glad that she is happy.


Couturing Shades (3)


No i am not a Juicy Couture freakish addict. I am not those young girls who likes pink stuff, flurry and fluffy bags and all.

Yes, i own a flurry Juicy Couture bag. I am just realizing my poor young childhood dream that i never had.


But this pair of sunnies is different. It is just the cheapest Aviator Sunnies that Sunglass Hut has, that is branded and nice looking. My boyfriend received some birthday offer from Sunglass Hut. Since he’s got an Oakley sunnies and i have his hand me down brand-less sunnies and a F21 sunnies that is over-sized, he decided i should get one.


Ray Ban’s got pretty nice designs but they are all over the budget.


So there it is, Juicy Couture. At least it’s not pink.



Ok.. The case is pink….DSCN2722

DSCN2670 DSCN2671 DSCN2672 DSCN2679 DSCN2686 DSCN2702 DSCN2703 DSCN2718 DSCN2719 

My hair ain’t Jet black anymore. I guess i washed all the blacks away. Gonna dye my hair black again end of August.




Is there any color suggestion for my hair in Fall?


Don’t you guys think i look “lala” in this highlight? Hahha.. I know you do.

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