Couturing Shades


No i am not a Juicy Couture freakish addict. I am not those young girls who likes pink stuff, flurry and fluffy bags and all.

Yes, i own a flurry Juicy Couture bag. I am just realizing my poor young childhood dream that i never had.


But this pair of sunnies is different. It is just the cheapest Aviator Sunnies that Sunglass Hut has, that is branded and nice looking. My boyfriend received some birthday offer from Sunglass Hut. Since he’s got an Oakley sunnies and i have his hand me down brand-less sunnies and a F21 sunnies that is over-sized, he decided i should get one.


Ray Ban’s got pretty nice designs but they are all over the budget.


So there it is, Juicy Couture. At least it’s not pink.



Ok.. The case is pink….DSCN2722

DSCN2670 DSCN2671 DSCN2672 DSCN2679 DSCN2686 DSCN2702 DSCN2703 DSCN2718 DSCN2719 

My hair ain’t Jet black anymore. I guess i washed all the blacks away. Gonna dye my hair black again end of August.




Is there any color suggestion for my hair in Fall?


Don’t you guys think i look “lala” in this highlight? Hahha.. I know you do.

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3 Responses:

jacqueline said...

Mel.. i like ur shades.... not bad.. and ah.. you always look good in red lip stick one la.. cun la...hahaaa.... you dun dye ur hair with chestnut colour la... dark brown is ok..not so lala.. cuz you're already very fair... so no need to dye bright colour ...

seraphina said...

nice shades..

Karthini said...

Lol...yes, you do look "lala"..there, i said it. But you're still HOT as ever la....haha...

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