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I just think i really need to write a review on this movie, Inception. It is a very extraordinary idea. A very brilliant production by Christopher Nolan that brought us The Dark Knight.


First of all, the idea and the plot of this piece is very unique. Nothing that you’ve seen before. Typical Hollywood blockbuster movie. Very high budget.. Of coz, it was well edited without 3D crap. Finally i am watching an old fashion special effects movie that surprisingly looks real to me. Everything looks real even if it’s not on 3D.  


It’s a very smart plot. Plant an idea in a target's subconscious? The architecture fantasies are beyond anyone’s imagination. Everything is amazing and.. I just have to say, Nolan’s got a great mind. Those 80 pages of treatment Nolan wrote, was worth the wait. Sometimes i wonder, where these ideas come from? A dream? I couldn’t even remember my own dream. Perhaps it’s too depressing that i choose to forget.


The love story was fine. Doesn’t touch me much but i do feel the pain of losing someone that is so dear, i do feel the pain of missing the family. But the emotions are just not enough.

Luckily the actions and effects was mind blasting. I must say that Marion Cotillard is so sexy that i wonder how can Codd not love her?




I really love this movie, overall.


After the movie, the boyfriend asked, “So did Codd came back to reality?”


I thought that was a pretty good question.


But i just replied, “Nolan just calls it’s cuts there.”


I guess this is the question he left us with…



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BeverLy's Secret said...

Inception is a good movie indeed... Love its plot and the cast! Awesome movie...

p/s: Your genuineness adores me,thanks for your latest comment ya!

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