Meatball Tears (3)


Finally i got a chance to go to Ikea. Wankit was in a good mood today. :D But it was raining.. So the journey there was kinda dangerous.

Smells like Ikano. :D
This Ikea is right next to Newark airport. So if the plane loose control there are at least 40% it will crash into Ikea. :( Then New Jersey got no more Meatballs!

The first time i take a bite, i was almost in tears. Reminiscing the memories in Ikano with Sand, Xtine & sometimes Jacq.. So nice. And it's $4.99 for 15 balls! Add $1 get 5 more extra!!! SANDRA!!! CHRISTINE!! Damn good deal huuh?!

Was sitting next to the window..

Can see all the air planes land like every 5-10 minutes.. Haha..

Sedap.. So satisfying. :D

Their checkouts are all self-checkouts.. And they DON'T HAVE PLASTIC OR PAPER BAGS!!! So we hand carried all of our goods to the car. =.=

Anyway, i tried making French Onion soup last night. It was a success! Just ignore the burn tho, the owen's fault.

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All Cramp In One (3)


Haven't been updating much lately.
First of all, i tried Sea Urchin for the first time of my life.

Looks yucky but i like it. :D It's not that bad.

Then last Sunday, Wankit and i went out to do some Christmas shopping for the family! So happy! Although the gifts are not for me, still, Christmas shopping!
I love Christmas season. I do miss Christmas season in Malaysia. Coz most of the years, my family and i will gather and have dinner together. :( I really miss them.. And the decos in the malls! So nice, Mid Valley, 1 Utama, Pyramid & etc.. Aw.. Here the decos in malls not so grand as in Malaysia but the house decos are damn grand. Like got competition. They will decorate the front yard with beautiful lightings but it's not up yet. I'll try to get some pictures for you guys.

So that Sunday night, Wankit brought me to a buffet restaurant near the mall. Apparently the most expensive one in town, and it's so nice! I ate like Sandra! Nearly gonna unbutton my pants.

I took the masago like every single time i take a new dish

Alaska King Crab Legs

Sushi! My favorite

Sandra's favourite!

Custom made dessert

Then it was Thanksgiving Day. Wankit's family came over for Thanksgiving and we had steamboat. We played bowling to kill afternoon time. It was nice.

Then we went to Princeton for a walk. It was really cold.

Time pass real fast. Now Christmas is next. I miss my own family.. Alot.


AMA (1)


Did you watch the AMA 09? J.Lo fell on her ass while performing.

I gotta say, she covered it up pretty well..

And i love this performance the most, by Carrie Underwood.

Feel proud of her huh? Even Paula Abdul is, by the look of her face. By the way, is this song played by radio stations in Malaysia or in Singapore? Cowboy Casanova?

So as Kelly Clarkson too..

Reminds me of Christine.

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Bad New Moon Romance (1)


Was out on a date with my boyfriend last night. Was in between watching New Moon or The Blind Side, so i chosen New Moon.

My worst decision of the day.
I should have waited till it's on DVD or something.
I don't know what's the major problem of this movie but something is wrong.
Well, Bella seems like she's having speech problem, ALL THE TIME! Or is it Kristen Steward?
I find nothing romantic about this movie at all. I feel sad for the Taylor guy. Yea, he's cute and all, but he look so under age.

Maybe it's a good book, but this is all i have to say about New Moon.

Perhaps i will catch The Blind Side next weekend.

This whole week past super fast and i just can't get Lady Gaga's Bad Romance off my mind. I think Wankit is gonna kill me soon if i continue "Rah-rah-ah-ah-ah-ah! Roma-roma-maa! Ga-ga-ooh-la-la! Want your bad romance!".

It is so addictive. This is a good sign of a good music.

This pose just made me lol the first time i saw this video

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Whole World On My Feet (2)


I am so into Polyvore lately. :D

Ok, i admit it, coz i have nothing better to do besides working. I just can’t wait for college to start next Spring. Since i just got a new bag from Juicy Couture, so i kept my mind busy with how i should pair my clothes with this bag.

Ever since i got this bag, i have this special feelings for Juicy Couture. I think their designs are all so pretty and sweet, right? I next Juicy Couture bag i am getting, is gonna be a darker color one, so i can use it more often.

Well, it's winter now. Even during January it's gonna be Spring, it's still gonna be cold. So this is what i came out with.

Whole world on my feet by melanies featuring Old Navy

Looks comfy huh? See that Ugg boots? I want it so badly, but i've been spending too much, i gotta keep it down for awhile. Hopefully someone(you know who you are) will get one for me on my birthday. :D

Yea! This specific design with this specific color

Alright, it's cold and i don't like to get myself all wrapped up. I have tons of summer blouses from Malaysia that i brought it here and i find it a waste not to use it, and a waste to get more of winter clothes. So i do wear my summer blouses, but i always wear a tank top in it and a cardigan on top of it.

I like faded jeans alot, unfortunately, jeans alone cannot tahan during winter. So i also wear leggings in my whatever pants to keep myself warm. And if you're still cold, i normally wear a high knee length socks over my legging. I know, damn mafan right?

Haha.. I really love this glove from MK. So chic and clean. And poncho.. I don't really get the chance to wear poncho in Malaysia, coz people will call me gila. So i tend to wear things i don't get to wear in Malaysia, more here.

And as for make-up, keep it simple for college. Hahha.. Not for the false eye lash la. That's for fun.

And i wanna put this Gucci Flora eau de toilette on my wish list. The smell is so sweet, sexy yet sophisticated.

I am so exited for college. Labels:

A Step Forward (4)


OMG! I just came back from gym with Wankit. I never felt so weak before. The last time i felt this way was when i was back in Malaysia, attempt to swim 10 laps when i just woke up with an empty stomach. I haven't been working out for about 2 weeks now. Gosh! I'm hitting the gym again tomorrow to catch up.

Yesterday, it was the last day of duty of Ken, my favorite sushi chef in my working place. He makes the prettiest sushi here, in the restaurant, and he's so nice and funny. But he's moving on to a better offer and place. So we threw a mini farewell for him.

I don't know why i look so pale everytime after work.

My pretty bag!

I think ever since i bought this bag, i am so tempt to get more of Juicy Couture items. :D
They are all so pretty. The next time i am getting a Juicy Couture bag, i'm gonna get a darker one, so i can use more often.

Anyway, went to settle some stuff for college and i finally enrolled to Spring 2010 class. OMG!
After all the hard work to get a status here. I wanna thank everybody who helped me throughout this process, especially my dear mummy and Wankit's family's generous help, and of course, the endless support from my friends.

My memorable ID from my previous college.

I know, the photo quality damn suck. I still remember the stupid HELP Desk black face queen.
Haha.. Damn hate her.

And this is my current one.

ID design and quality not as cangih. And they wrote my name is RED! Wah piang wei!! Die de lo me.. And it's so damn huge! GILA!
But at least i look pretty in it.


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Birthday Wish (4)


I have a very practical boyfriend. So, i get to choose what i want for my birthday. At first, i wanted a Burberry bag. :D
But come to think about it, it's fucking expensive weh.
So i degraded my wish to an UGG boots!

If i get a chance to have a party here with my friends, i would wear these. Beautiful huh?

Fantasy Birthday by melanies featuring Kg shoes

Items in this set:
Gryphon coat, $346 dress, 139 CAD
Kg shoes, 160 GBP
Christian Louboutin clutch, 1.048 EUR
Jenni Kayne earrings, $2,500

I wish my mummy will be here on time to celebrate 21 years of me in her life.

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Juicy Couture 2 College (0)


I just got my Juicy Couture bag after 5 days of waiting and i just found out that it was on 50% sales on that day i bought it, after that it is on 25% only!

I'm so happy.. I know you think i damn jakun. Haha.

The original price

JC 2 College by melanies featuring Burberry

:D So pretty..

My boyfriend is the best.

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