Ghost Festival

I have to work on Halloween but we're all planned to dress up for work. My first idea was to be a Slytherins, but costumes was pretty pricy. Then, Michael Jackson. But S size Thriller jacket was sold out and left L size. =.=
So i simply grabbed an army costume.
I was thinking of becoming a zombie army but my customers claimed that i am G.I Jane.

Some said i am adorable. :( I'm suppose to look scary. I guess plan failed.
The guys didn't plan to dress up, so we managed to convince them to join the fun. So our make-up artist help the guys to make up for Halloween.

This is where to guys put their fangs when they are working. Apparently it's very uncomfortable and it's hard to speak with it. Haha.. They have their names labeled on the napkins.

It was fun.. My first Halloween. :D

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