A Step Forward


OMG! I just came back from gym with Wankit. I never felt so weak before. The last time i felt this way was when i was back in Malaysia, attempt to swim 10 laps when i just woke up with an empty stomach. I haven't been working out for about 2 weeks now. Gosh! I'm hitting the gym again tomorrow to catch up.

Yesterday, it was the last day of duty of Ken, my favorite sushi chef in my working place. He makes the prettiest sushi here, in the restaurant, and he's so nice and funny. But he's moving on to a better offer and place. So we threw a mini farewell for him.

I don't know why i look so pale everytime after work.

My pretty bag!

I think ever since i bought this bag, i am so tempt to get more of Juicy Couture items. :D
They are all so pretty. The next time i am getting a Juicy Couture bag, i'm gonna get a darker one, so i can use more often.

Anyway, went to settle some stuff for college and i finally enrolled to Spring 2010 class. OMG!
After all the hard work to get a status here. I wanna thank everybody who helped me throughout this process, especially my dear mummy and Wankit's family's generous help, and of course, the endless support from my friends.

My memorable ID from my previous college.

I know, the photo quality damn suck. I still remember the stupid HELP Desk black face queen.
Haha.. Damn hate her.

And this is my current one.

ID design and quality not as cangih. And they wrote my name is RED! Wah piang wei!! Die de lo me.. And it's so damn huge! GILA!
But at least i look pretty in it.


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Chew said...


jacqueline said...

Yeah.... So big la your name...... pity me, still stuck with my id.... the pic quality so much better la....hahaha... the card is not as complicated like ours...You look much better in the new id card la....hahaa.... and yea, that queen is still around. =( cuz of her, i dun want to go print notes in help desk.. if she's there la..haha.. no choice only go...
That Strawberries in the cake is Damn tempting ok? ;D Miss you.

Sandra said...

Wah piang wei!
Name big indeed!
Anyway, it's cute that HELP ID card is still with you
Still missing you everyday, Mel =(
I went to the Jonker Street asam laksa you love so much
I brought Yao Ming there, and I told him about you not wanting to swallow the last bit of the asam laksa heehee

Melanie Ng said...

Chew: I know! Tell me about it

Jacq: the cake is the best cake i could find here. the rest all very ugly and yucky.

Sand : aw.. i miss jonker's asam laksa. tell him he's so lucky to have it.

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