Whole World On My Feet


I am so into Polyvore lately. :D

Ok, i admit it, coz i have nothing better to do besides working. I just can’t wait for college to start next Spring. Since i just got a new bag from Juicy Couture, so i kept my mind busy with how i should pair my clothes with this bag.

Ever since i got this bag, i have this special feelings for Juicy Couture. I think their designs are all so pretty and sweet, right? I next Juicy Couture bag i am getting, is gonna be a darker color one, so i can use it more often.

Well, it's winter now. Even during January it's gonna be Spring, it's still gonna be cold. So this is what i came out with.

Whole world on my feet by melanies featuring Old Navy

Looks comfy huh? See that Ugg boots? I want it so badly, but i've been spending too much, i gotta keep it down for awhile. Hopefully someone(you know who you are) will get one for me on my birthday. :D

Yea! This specific design with this specific color

Alright, it's cold and i don't like to get myself all wrapped up. I have tons of summer blouses from Malaysia that i brought it here and i find it a waste not to use it, and a waste to get more of winter clothes. So i do wear my summer blouses, but i always wear a tank top in it and a cardigan on top of it.

I like faded jeans alot, unfortunately, jeans alone cannot tahan during winter. So i also wear leggings in my whatever pants to keep myself warm. And if you're still cold, i normally wear a high knee length socks over my legging. I know, damn mafan right?

Haha.. I really love this glove from MK. So chic and clean. And poncho.. I don't really get the chance to wear poncho in Malaysia, coz people will call me gila. So i tend to wear things i don't get to wear in Malaysia, more here.

And as for make-up, keep it simple for college. Hahha.. Not for the false eye lash la. That's for fun.

And i wanna put this Gucci Flora eau de toilette on my wish list. The smell is so sweet, sexy yet sophisticated.

I am so exited for college. Labels:

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Sandra said...

I wish I know what to wish for
I don't know what to get from my parents at all!

Melanie Ng said...

What do you want the most then?

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