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Haven't been updating much lately.
First of all, i tried Sea Urchin for the first time of my life.

Looks yucky but i like it. :D It's not that bad.

Then last Sunday, Wankit and i went out to do some Christmas shopping for the family! So happy! Although the gifts are not for me, still, Christmas shopping!
I love Christmas season. I do miss Christmas season in Malaysia. Coz most of the years, my family and i will gather and have dinner together. :( I really miss them.. And the decos in the malls! So nice, Mid Valley, 1 Utama, Pyramid & etc.. Aw.. Here the decos in malls not so grand as in Malaysia but the house decos are damn grand. Like got competition. They will decorate the front yard with beautiful lightings but it's not up yet. I'll try to get some pictures for you guys.

So that Sunday night, Wankit brought me to a buffet restaurant near the mall. Apparently the most expensive one in town, and it's so nice! I ate like Sandra! Nearly gonna unbutton my pants.

I took the masago like every single time i take a new dish

Alaska King Crab Legs

Sushi! My favorite

Sandra's favourite!

Custom made dessert

Then it was Thanksgiving Day. Wankit's family came over for Thanksgiving and we had steamboat. We played bowling to kill afternoon time. It was nice.

Then we went to Princeton for a walk. It was really cold.

Time pass real fast. Now Christmas is next. I miss my own family.. Alot.


3 Responses:

Sandra said...

The most expensive one?
How much?
Wan Kit really spoils you
Good job Wan Kit!
He better STILL be spoiling you after you both get married! :)))
By the way, what a way to remember me by...
"Ate like Sandra"
To eat like me, MUST take off buttons one HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
The raw-er the better!
Anyway, love this post Mel
I love food posts lah actually hahaha

Melanie Ng said...

Hahah... U're so funny la. They open the oysters in front of u one. so quite RAW ah! haha..

Christine said...

I MISS YOU LA MEL. HAHAHAHA TAKE OUT BUTTON AFTER EATING! so funnny. so typical of sandster. and seriously, if compare dollar to dollar, the meatballs are so cheap! now i feel like eating meatballs. sandra and you need to quickly get your butts back here (KL) and we can start hanging out again. :( miss yooouuu....

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