1 More Month To Go (5)

Last night went over to store to help out in 'Deep Cleaning'. Yes! Really really clean from top to bottom, corner to corner. Kinda tiring after scrubbing and washing the BOH. :(

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1 more month till this semester ends. Somehow it's getting more and more stressful. I think i'm giving up tomorrow's Halloween Party, sorry May & Luc. I need my remedy. I am so sick of friends who just come and go. I am so sick of fake friends. I am so sick of being disappointed of my own friend, my very own dear friend. I am so sick of being used. I am so sick of being nice.

Bong is right. GIVE NO FUCK MAN!

So from now on, i only give fuck about my one and only boyfriend, family and studies. Classmates, i do care bout you all, tallking bout someone else from hometown and people i knew.

OMG! Hope this stresfull season is gonna go off soon! Christine, Reshma!! Sayang you both..


I am so lack of dicipline. I need to really bring back my Form 6 'pia' spirit back! I am gonna cut down on my FB visits, blog stalks, OTH, GG, Heroes gotta wait till after exam(end of this month) and work.

This is my current new Desktop display and Screen saver.
I think i need to set my alarm ringtone to Fortminor's Remember The Name.. Labels: , , ,

Dissapointed (0)


I'm speechless and disappointed. 

A friend that i thought she will remember me.

I guess we're all drifting.

Wake up and see. I'm not thinking too much, i just realised it sooner than you do.

Friends are just.. disappointing sometime.

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Be Strong (0)

Dear Lord,

This is my first trip back to home ever since i started my course. Everything ain't the same anymore. It's very heart breaking going home.. I wish there is something that i can do to help.
My Lord, please bless my extremely nice aunty, whom i love, who loves everyone of us too, who is unable to live like normal temporarily. Please speed her recovery as soon as possible.. Really hurts to see her condition right now. Was controlling my tears from falling when i first saw her after her admission to the hospital. Mighty Jesus, give my Aunty Vivian the strength and courage to recover, and be strong.

Next, is my lil precious sister. I always miss her laughter and her accompany whenever i wanna hang out alone(not exactly alone). Lord, please remind her to study and do well in her finals. Please give her the wisdom that i never had and achive something better than me academicly. Lord, please guide her to the right path in life, keep her safe from harm because i won't be able to protect her while i'm so far from her. And remind her that jie jie misses her and loves her tho i don't say it often to her.

Almighty Jesus, please bless my popo with health, happiness and longevity. It's hard on her to see her own daughter falling ill. Must have hurt her heart alot. Dear Jesus, please giver her the strength and love every single day.

Most of all, i wanna pray for my noble and lovely mummy who sacrifice so much for the family and taking care of her sister unconditionally. Jesus, please give her the power and strength to help Aunty Vivian recover from her stroke. Also protect my mummy with the Holy Spirits whenever she travels to visit and feed Aunty Vivian at the nursing home. Oh i love this women, i hope the best for her. Please pull her through this tough time of her life.. Please pull through this tough tough time that my family is going through right now. It really hurts me to see them like this.

And the rest of the relatives in the southern region, please do your part as a sibling too. My mummy can't bare this burden alone.. Please care for Aunty Vivian too..
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I Wanna Go Home (0)

Ok.. Enough of being emotional about my trip home. Here's some nice stuff that happened. I followed Sandra back to Malacca on Friday and stayed over there for a night. :D
Sandra brought me to satisfy my craving for nice cendol. She brought me to Mangosteen Cendol, beside the Malacca river. Yummy! Mine is with pulut!! My favourite.. Something great about this cendol stall is the greeny stuff, you can really taste the pandan and it melts in your mouth. Very delicious...

Moving on next, Jonker Walk! Sandra brought me to my favourite desert shop in Jonker. But Sandra guided me to discover a HUGE discovery of that stall, the Nyonya Asam Laksa. NEVER HAD I TASTED SUCH DELICIOUS ASAM LAKSA IN MY WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE BEFORE!!
Seriously, it's the best.. It's masam and pedas enough! Then tried the Durian Cendol there, ain't as good as Tan Kim Hock's Durian Cendol. Tan Kim Hock's Durian Cendol can taste the durian's meat. Anyway, this shop is famous with it's cendol, normal one.

Then it was drizzling during that evening, so didn't manage to walk the Jonker Walk. So we headed off to the Dataran Mall thingy and met Sandra's friend, Zack and Desmond. :D
Nice bunch of people..
Then most important part of the Malacca trip, SATY CELUP!! Sedap gila!!

Was a delicious and great trip to Malacca. Wanna thank Sandra & family for such great hospitality. :D

Then when came back to JB, didn't really eat alot of the favourite food there. No time. Was busy spending time with family & Aunty Vivian. But i managed to eat my favourite Bak Ku Teh & visit JJ & Emo.. My favourite dogs on earth after Ringo.

Emo busy biting me.. :D

Managed to squeeze some time for my old schoolmate, Teik & Yeap. Did some catching up.. Nothing much changed about them, they still tease about my weird body as usual.. Miss F6 days guys... And our puppy too..

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I am not sure when is the next time i'm going back but i am already missing home. Labels: , , , ,



He left for almost 3 months de. And ever since, we've been like this...

I miss him.. 3 years please pass by quickly!

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Weekend Getaway (1)

Sorry that i've been MIA in my blog during the weekends. I just had a blastful weekend. It all started on Friday after class. Hang out in The Curve was canceled because my dear Sandra and Reshy couldn't make it. Sandra needs to go back to Malacca and Reshy's got dental appointment. When i was on my way home, Sandra rang me up and her trip back to Malacca was canceled. So the hang out was on again! Damn nice. After the stressful assignment, was in desperate to get out and have fun.

Reshy pour out too much of Skittles(current addiction. but i only eat the red and purple one).
She's trying to get everything in again.
My Reshy baby..
Won't be seeing her soon coz she tore her ligamen. Ouch!
Reshy baby, hope you're doing fine!
In The Curve with Christine!
SPOTTED AGAIN: N & S sneaking up at the entrance of a boutique with S's sliper off.
I wonder what were they talking about.

GG(upon Thini's request)

Sandra & i
Later on, we grabbed some cupcakes!! Exactly what i was craving for. :D
My personal favourite, Back to Basic.

On our way home, we got caught in a jam for almost 3 hours! Poor Christine for being our driver of the day. Thanks Christine for ensuring our safety at the same time!!
After having a long day at The Curve, Venna & her new hang out gang asked me out. Because i haven't seen them in a few weeks, i decided to go out with them tho i was freaking tired and i haven't pack for my Port Dickson trip.

In Port Dickson, it was pretty ok. The beach there is worst than Desaru! But those girls turned the trip around tho it's uber sucky there, the place, beacch, services.. We had a bbq dinner that night and some booze after that.

Can you spot me?


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Spotted : N & S (4)

Spotted: N & S talking and laughing at the corner alone in the lecturer hall. I wonder what's behind all those laughters..

Today Christine shown her cam-whore side of her. Here's some of the shots i took while she's busy taking pictures of us.

Reshy looks hot

This week's Social & Business Communication classes is damn interesting. Watched videos for 2 classes. First was Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth. I was tearing like mad. The truth about what is gonna happen to our world and how people now is so ignorance to this issue. Tho there is nothing we can do to stop these, we can all at least slow down the damage. I give a 4 out of 5.

Today we watched Control Room. About this news station in Iraq and how they deliver news to the people in Iraq and how the Americans think of this station and how horrible the war is. Again, it's really scary and painful to see what happened. Damn nice documentary i must say!!!

Wanna thank Miss Elaine for showing us such great videos during class. This is what i called Mass Com.

Anyway, it sucks when your good friend and your boyfriend isn't in a good terms with each other. :S But at least my demand is much higher now!

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