Oh No October!


Forgotten to mention about this month's crazy-ness. It's gonna be super uber busy month, October.

9th : Social & Business Communication Quiz
13th : Intro to Mass Com group presentation
14th : Intro to Design assignment 2 due
17th : Social & Business Communication Individual Assignment Due
24th : Microecons Quiz 2
31st : Social & Business Communication group assignment due

I know.. Fantastic month! But luckily i won't be working for 2 days starting from tomorrow. :D
So MELANIE NG ZU-ER, please go complete everything so October month can be a better month for yourself.

Ah Long, Venna, Sern, Josh & Chew in Malacca now.. Wish i was there with them.. Haih..


After a horrible day of no good food, finally Thursday is a much much brighter and fuller day. I know i'm kinda spoiled. Anyway, Ah Long and gang brought me to Summit for a movie, Eagle Eye. Not gonna do any reviews here today, i'm kinda in a hurry. Probably the next movie when i watch. Haha.. But i would enjoy this movie more if Wankit's around.

Anyway, knowing i'll be going out with the guys, i skipped the trouble of thinking what to have for breakfast and lunch. So i had some lunch with Venna before the movie. Did some grocery shopping with Venna before we leave, so don't worry ok Su-Lyn!

Later on at night, Reshma took me out for dinner at SS2! Wanted to have Murni but it was closed for Raya Season. It was raining and we were drenched. Panic when we talked about assignments due and etc.. But thanks Reshy for making my day!

I can see Mark and i can survive these few days without Aunt Chin's cook. As for now, gotta get ready for work.

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reshma reshu said...

no prob about dinner la..next time anytime just tell me la k..n ya intro to mass comm presentation on the 14th meh?? i thought 4nov?? hahahah =)

Melanie said...

yes.. 14th.. at week 8.

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