Weekend Getaway

Sorry that i've been MIA in my blog during the weekends. I just had a blastful weekend. It all started on Friday after class. Hang out in The Curve was canceled because my dear Sandra and Reshy couldn't make it. Sandra needs to go back to Malacca and Reshy's got dental appointment. When i was on my way home, Sandra rang me up and her trip back to Malacca was canceled. So the hang out was on again! Damn nice. After the stressful assignment, was in desperate to get out and have fun.

Reshy pour out too much of Skittles(current addiction. but i only eat the red and purple one).
She's trying to get everything in again.
My Reshy baby..
Won't be seeing her soon coz she tore her ligamen. Ouch!
Reshy baby, hope you're doing fine!
In The Curve with Christine!
SPOTTED AGAIN: N & S sneaking up at the entrance of a boutique with S's sliper off.
I wonder what were they talking about.

GG(upon Thini's request)

Sandra & i
Later on, we grabbed some cupcakes!! Exactly what i was craving for. :D
My personal favourite, Back to Basic.

On our way home, we got caught in a jam for almost 3 hours! Poor Christine for being our driver of the day. Thanks Christine for ensuring our safety at the same time!!
After having a long day at The Curve, Venna & her new hang out gang asked me out. Because i haven't seen them in a few weeks, i decided to go out with them tho i was freaking tired and i haven't pack for my Port Dickson trip.

In Port Dickson, it was pretty ok. The beach there is worst than Desaru! But those girls turned the trip around tho it's uber sucky there, the place, beacch, services.. We had a bbq dinner that night and some booze after that.

Can you spot me?


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