1 More Month To Go

Last night went over to store to help out in 'Deep Cleaning'. Yes! Really really clean from top to bottom, corner to corner. Kinda tiring after scrubbing and washing the BOH. :(

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1 more month till this semester ends. Somehow it's getting more and more stressful. I think i'm giving up tomorrow's Halloween Party, sorry May & Luc. I need my remedy. I am so sick of friends who just come and go. I am so sick of fake friends. I am so sick of being disappointed of my own friend, my very own dear friend. I am so sick of being used. I am so sick of being nice.

Bong is right. GIVE NO FUCK MAN!

So from now on, i only give fuck about my one and only boyfriend, family and studies. Classmates, i do care bout you all, tallking bout someone else from hometown and people i knew.

OMG! Hope this stresfull season is gonna go off soon! Christine, Reshma!! Sayang you both..


I am so lack of dicipline. I need to really bring back my Form 6 'pia' spirit back! I am gonna cut down on my FB visits, blog stalks, OTH, GG, Heroes gotta wait till after exam(end of this month) and work.

This is my current new Desktop display and Screen saver.
I think i need to set my alarm ringtone to Fortminor's Remember The Name.. Labels: , , ,

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Karthini said...

I'm only just reading your blog now after ages! Glad that i met up with you today but it was hard to hear that you have been through alot. A lot of shitty things. It'll only make you a stronger person and i told you this before - you're one of the strongest people i know.

I wish your aunty recovers and i hope that all your other relatives give your mum a helping hand as well. Its hard but your mum is a strong person. You guys will get through.

p/s: I like the pics of you cleaning. Lol...

Karthini said...

oh...and what does PIA mean exactly?

Melanie said...

you sud come here to find us more often. :D

PIA is in teochew, means bertukus lumus... something like that i guess. :D

after meeting ash, makes me guilty for doing so badly for my previous test, i think i am stressing now.

jacqueline said...

maybe you will see that kinda pics in my blog soon!!
hahaa.... chilll girl... u will get through it....

Melanie said...

Lolx.. When start work?

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