Nelson's Day


It's these guys's first time on bus. Lolx...

Today's Nelson's bday. Since he ffk us for like twice for lunch, we dragged him out for lunch. We went to Bangsar Village and have some simple lunch. Nelson can really eat! He finished all of our food! My goodness. I really hope he'll have a great day today.

Social & Business Communication test is finally over. Hehe.. Luckily i manage to study finish all the chapters i am suppose to study. I think it ain't that hard but i am not sure if i can score well. Anyway, it's over. My next subject to revise is Econs. I hope i will be able to be well prepared for the next test, unlike the previous Econs test.

My current addiction is Britney's Womanizer. So nice! I hope she's gonna come back like the Brit i used to love. Thanks to Jilly for downloading the super nice version of the audio. My Limewire sucks.

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reshma reshu said...

so sad oni my pic not more bring u out la k..sob sob =(

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