After my previous relatiosnhip, i swore not to be in a LDR again, NEVER! But what makes me go into another LDR again? I don't know what this guy did to make me change my mind. I barely know this guy. When i know him, he was still being lovely dovely and crazily in love with his girlfriend. Never i imagine they will end things so easily and fast after he left to States. I was always scared he's just a rebound, trying to find a subsitude to replace his exgirlfriend. You can tell i'm pretty insecure. I guess the reason why, it's because, i've seen them together, laughed, played, joked which made me damn envious towards their relationship back then. 

And what makes me jump into a relationship with him? This i can't explain. It's my guts what tell me to go for it. I'm always a gut follower, so i followed my guts again. Since then, even though we've been only in contact through the net, i still received lots of love from this guy. It's every girl's dream to be able to loved and cared by a guy, i guess before he was back, it pretty came true. 

Many people thinks we won't last this long. I tell you that there are more to come. But nobody really can tell about our relationship, what do people know about us?

Have you heard of PCD's What You Think About That? I am listening to it. I guess i need to let loose. Haha.. It's addictive.

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