Spotted : N & S

Spotted: N & S talking and laughing at the corner alone in the lecturer hall. I wonder what's behind all those laughters..

Today Christine shown her cam-whore side of her. Here's some of the shots i took while she's busy taking pictures of us.

Reshy looks hot

This week's Social & Business Communication classes is damn interesting. Watched videos for 2 classes. First was Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth. I was tearing like mad. The truth about what is gonna happen to our world and how people now is so ignorance to this issue. Tho there is nothing we can do to stop these, we can all at least slow down the damage. I give a 4 out of 5.

Today we watched Control Room. About this news station in Iraq and how they deliver news to the people in Iraq and how the Americans think of this station and how horrible the war is. Again, it's really scary and painful to see what happened. Damn nice documentary i must say!!!

Wanna thank Miss Elaine for showing us such great videos during class. This is what i called Mass Com.

Anyway, it sucks when your good friend and your boyfriend isn't in a good terms with each other. :S But at least my demand is much higher now!

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4 Responses:

reshma reshu said...

omg i told u not to blog about wan kit and me man...u ah tak dengar la..whatever la doesnt matter..anyways u nangis meh during the inconvient truth movie?? didnt see oso?? hahaha =) BTW u are not in demand la k..wan kit can have u k..

Karthini said...

Lol..your post is so Gossip Girl like! Why didnt you add "You know you love me"...heehee and i saw Inconvenient Truth was amazing! Really well done and its really sad the way we ourselves are committing suicide and murder. Hmmm...

N victim said...

hoi why am i being stalked...i felt like a celebrity for a moment...and why did u post it up?!?!

Melanie said...

Reshy: Eh! So bad la.. My Confident level dropped by 30% de.
I teared k.. You were sitting behind me, how to see?

Thini:Yeah! WHy aren't we doing something? Haih.. Human being.. Ignorance.

N: Wahhahaa..

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