I Wanna Go Home

Ok.. Enough of being emotional about my trip home. Here's some nice stuff that happened. I followed Sandra back to Malacca on Friday and stayed over there for a night. :D
Sandra brought me to satisfy my craving for nice cendol. She brought me to Mangosteen Cendol, beside the Malacca river. Yummy! Mine is with pulut!! My favourite.. Something great about this cendol stall is the greeny stuff, you can really taste the pandan and it melts in your mouth. Very delicious...

Moving on next, Jonker Walk! Sandra brought me to my favourite desert shop in Jonker. But Sandra guided me to discover a HUGE discovery of that stall, the Nyonya Asam Laksa. NEVER HAD I TASTED SUCH DELICIOUS ASAM LAKSA IN MY WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE BEFORE!!
Seriously, it's the best.. It's masam and pedas enough! Then tried the Durian Cendol there, ain't as good as Tan Kim Hock's Durian Cendol. Tan Kim Hock's Durian Cendol can taste the durian's meat. Anyway, this shop is famous with it's cendol, normal one.

Then it was drizzling during that evening, so didn't manage to walk the Jonker Walk. So we headed off to the Dataran Mall thingy and met Sandra's friend, Zack and Desmond. :D
Nice bunch of people..
Then most important part of the Malacca trip, SATY CELUP!! Sedap gila!!

Was a delicious and great trip to Malacca. Wanna thank Sandra & family for such great hospitality. :D

Then when came back to JB, didn't really eat alot of the favourite food there. No time. Was busy spending time with family & Aunty Vivian. But i managed to eat my favourite Bak Ku Teh & visit JJ & Emo.. My favourite dogs on earth after Ringo.

Emo busy biting me.. :D

Managed to squeeze some time for my old schoolmate, Teik & Yeap. Did some catching up.. Nothing much changed about them, they still tease about my weird body as usual.. Miss F6 days guys... And our puppy too..

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