Messed Up


I am a fucked up daughter.

I am damn tired.

I am damn worried about Thursday's paper coz it's freaking 200+ pages long to revise.

I am damn lack of sleep.

I am damn in a mood of missing Wankit.

I am damn left out in the circle of friends.

I am damn in need to extend 24 hours to 30 hours per day.

I am damn messed up.

Never once i shouted at my mum after so many years. I am so sick of exams and my dumbness in academics. The thoughts of exams(especially econs) makes me wanna puke. I am all alone now. No one to fall back to. I miss Wankit being here. I miss my mummy and my bed. I miss home. Gosh! PMS! Everything's just so fucked!

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Karthini said...

You feel the exact same way im feeling. Never thought it'd happen to you. Im really sorry. Trust me, i cant understand the way you;'re feeling and there are things that i still havent told anyone. Just keeping it inside. I dont know what to say to make it all go away. I really dont. Because it never does, you just have to manage things the best way possible. You eating properly?

Melanie said...

Don't worry thini. I'm eating well. there are lots of things too. but haih.. keep it to myself la hor? i hate being alone.

Anonymous said...

Awww Melanie, please don't be so down. I feel down too. Look on the bright side, I'm slower than you in S&B. Please don't think you have no one to fall back on. I can happily be your shoulder to cry on. I'm serious okay. Just let me know if you need any help. Though on Wednesdays I basically can't go anywhere unless I stay with my aunt near Uptown. But seriously, I feel so terrible if I can't help you in anyways. Also, if "the circle of friends" that you meant is OUR circle of friends, well, no you're not left out. At least not to me. Please don't be so down. We all love you okay?


p.s. I mean EVERY SINGLE WORD I said

Melanie said...

sandy. i'm fine. i slept the whole afternoon, i guess u're faster than me now. hahha. SBC sucks! hahhaa.. i think that's life, nothing is perfect. Hmm.. Will go back with u to malacca for a retreat after i go back to jb k?

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