Sern Sern (4)


This green tea cake is made especially to a dear friend of Wankit & i. It's my first time frosting a cake, so it looks a little retarded. We would like to wish Wern Sern a happy 21st birthday and hope he can find happiness like what Wankit & i have. All the best in his studies and rock on. Owh! And don't be so gay.

Haha! I missed a 'st' on the 21!

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Da Pin Lou (0)


I love steamboats, especially during cold weather. Last Saturday, the servers met up at Terry's place to have steamboat, and it's called 'da pin lou' in cantonese. Haha..

Fei bought everything and kept it all at the restaurant. Fiona, Terry and i brought it back to Terry's place to set up. Woohuu! Yummy!

It was nice to learn other style of steamboat.

Even the sauce is different. The add raw eggs, chili sauce, scallions and some kinda of chinese bbq sauce that tastes so good.

It was alot of food indeed.

and this is heaven!
Haven't really show you guys my colleagues from Shogun(the name of the place i'm working at)
Melica, Fiona & i

Melica & Fiona

Aunty Monica & Uncle Jason

Samson & Fei

The other guys with the chopsticks in the pot is Terry.

The Shogun Family

My favourite people from Shogun!

Probably the best steamboat experience.

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As I Promised.. (9)


Been using lots of money buying and stocking up for Winter. :( Hardly save money for college for these past 1 month. Haih..

Anyway, this is fall..

This tree is the most beautiful outside of my house.. The colour is just so reddish.

It has been cold as crazy lately. About 3-8 Celsius everyday and it has been raining for the past few days, all day long. Very sien..
But when it gets so cold, really don't know what to wear. :(
And i have very limited clothes to wear(the nice ones), as i only brought summer clothes from Malaysia.

Few days ago, i spent almost $20 on ice-creams!

Gila right?! Well, i just can't decide what flavors to get, so i got the top 5 most wanted.

And guess what Wankit and i just bought?


I know! Damn cool right? It's in New York January 2010. I so can't wait.. :D
Gotta save more money from now on.

I'll take more beautiful sceneries pictures to share with you guys. How i wish my friends and family are here to experience such beautiful sceneries with me.

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Falling For You (10)


I am feeling Fall now.. So beautiful. Colors of leaves are changing. Weather is getting chilly now.. Will take some nice shots of the sceneries soon.
My Malaysian clothes ain't gonna be that useful now. Which means, SHOPPING!!!
I am pretty excited in mix and matching clothes during cold season, coz in Malaysia, most of my outfit are just 1 layer. Now i have to wear a cardigan over my blouse and and a coat, sometimes a scarf will help. I get to wear boots without people staring at me like i am GILA. I am so happy and excited! Bought People's : Style Watch magazine for some fashion guidance this Fall.

So, Wankit brought me to Target to get some nice and cheap cold season clothes. :D Shopping makes me happy. Hehe..

I am starting to fall in love with my boots. It's like a instant-sexy-boost-feeling boots.

By the way, people in US, likes to eat sorbet, which is low in fats. But they are still as fat as hye.
My latest addiction from work, Orange sorbet with Vanilla ice cream.
When business is slow and i'm bored, i'll always find something to eat. Haha.. Don't worry, i won't put on weight. Coz i go gym and work out like mad, not as mad as Jilly.

I'm getting used to Mac now. And i kinda like my chat outlook. :D

So cute right?

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Placement Tests (3)


Those who really knows me, i suck in Math terribly. I am even worst than the Americans. So i just sat for my college placement test. The course that i am doing doesn't really require much maths knowledge. So it ain't really that important, still, i was pretty nervous. Coz once you pass the Algebra part, they will proceed you to the College Level, which those Sets, Log, Tangens, Kotangens and those Add Maths crap that i learnt and almost flunk everytime 4 years ago. Really nervous!

In the end, i got through the Algebra test and they put me through the College level test.

I was like.... =.= die.

So the only solutions that i could come out with was...



Main Tower of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (3)


Here are some updates on The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

It's some pictures of one of the tallest tower. Awesome huh?!!!


I so can't wait!

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Mid Autum (3)


Nothing special. Was working.. Working... and working.
The rewards? $80!

We had some mooncakes tho, made in Malaysia

I'm not a big fan of mooncake. Like i said, i only like Jacqueline's mooncake.
The best part of mooncake, the yolk. :D

Other than mooncakes, i enjoy being with the Shogun family. They are all crazy and nice people.

Ken, my favourite sushi chef.. Always makes pretty sushis and add extra ingredients for me.

The 2 Fionas

And they are very enthusiastic to learn Malay language..


Fiona and i bought Malibu Mango for home.. So i can drink practically ever night. I think i love drinking alcohol more than ever ever since i came to USA. I drink after work, i drink at home. :D I prefer liquor here more, i think i prefer drinking cocktails. I know
how to make some.. :D

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Party In The USA (3)


I never like Miley Cyrus, but this song is really cool. It cheers me up when i'm listening to it on the radio on my way to work. :D

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Disqus (7)


Upon Sandra's request, i deleted my previous comment box by Disqus coz she find it difficult to comment on it.

Was it really that hard using that?

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