Falling For You


I am feeling Fall now.. So beautiful. Colors of leaves are changing. Weather is getting chilly now.. Will take some nice shots of the sceneries soon.
My Malaysian clothes ain't gonna be that useful now. Which means, SHOPPING!!!
I am pretty excited in mix and matching clothes during cold season, coz in Malaysia, most of my outfit are just 1 layer. Now i have to wear a cardigan over my blouse and and a coat, sometimes a scarf will help. I get to wear boots without people staring at me like i am GILA. I am so happy and excited! Bought People's : Style Watch magazine for some fashion guidance this Fall.

So, Wankit brought me to Target to get some nice and cheap cold season clothes. :D Shopping makes me happy. Hehe..

I am starting to fall in love with my boots. It's like a instant-sexy-boost-feeling boots.

By the way, people in US, likes to eat sorbet, which is low in fats. But they are still as fat as hye.
My latest addiction from work, Orange sorbet with Vanilla ice cream.
When business is slow and i'm bored, i'll always find something to eat. Haha.. Don't worry, i won't put on weight. Coz i go gym and work out like mad, not as mad as Jilly.

I'm getting used to Mac now. And i kinda like my chat outlook. :D

So cute right?

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Karthini said...

Hello! How are you? I replied to your msg on my wall but maybe you didn't chech Facebook just yet. I haven't been online on MSN much because it just refuses to behave! =P

Anyway, how's Fall treating you? You're enjoying it huh? It was always my favourite season although i've never personally experienced it. Lol...glad you are able to experience it though. Take loads of pics for me okay?

And you keep talking about Target - i think Target will be my best friend if i was there. Haha...i would love it! oh and happy shoping to you! =)

Dress warmly!

jacqueline said...

I also want to wear bootss!!!!!!!!=( so jealous.....;D

Melanie Ng said...

Thini : owh.. Target is so cheap and fashionable enough. And do you know Anna Sui is designing for Target, inspired by Gossip Girls? Affordable to me la, but i didn't buy.. Coz most of them are blouses and dresses. It's gonna freezing soon.

Jacq : I know right? If you wear boots in Malaysia, people will look at you like you're overdressed.

Chew said...

Wow, that's me!

Melanie Ng said...

Cute right? Go buy a mac.. :D

Sandra said...

Eh nice leh the buuuuuts hahaha
I miss you Mel :(

Anonymous said...

hello! how do you get that chat outlook?

Melanie Ng said...

You can get it from http://www.adiumxtras.com/ good luck

BeverLy's Secret said...

Agree~~ they look sexy on you!! Work it babe...

Melanie Ng said...

Thanks! :D

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