Da Pin Lou


I love steamboats, especially during cold weather. Last Saturday, the servers met up at Terry's place to have steamboat, and it's called 'da pin lou' in cantonese. Haha..

Fei bought everything and kept it all at the restaurant. Fiona, Terry and i brought it back to Terry's place to set up. Woohuu! Yummy!

It was nice to learn other style of steamboat.

Even the sauce is different. The add raw eggs, chili sauce, scallions and some kinda of chinese bbq sauce that tastes so good.

It was alot of food indeed.

and this is heaven!
Haven't really show you guys my colleagues from Shogun(the name of the place i'm working at)
Melica, Fiona & i

Melica & Fiona

Aunty Monica & Uncle Jason

Samson & Fei

The other guys with the chopsticks in the pot is Terry.

The Shogun Family

My favourite people from Shogun!

Probably the best steamboat experience.

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