Mid Autum


Nothing special. Was working.. Working... and working.
The rewards? $80!

We had some mooncakes tho, made in Malaysia

I'm not a big fan of mooncake. Like i said, i only like Jacqueline's mooncake.
The best part of mooncake, the yolk. :D

Other than mooncakes, i enjoy being with the Shogun family. They are all crazy and nice people.

Ken, my favourite sushi chef.. Always makes pretty sushis and add extra ingredients for me.

The 2 Fionas

And they are very enthusiastic to learn Malay language..


Fiona and i bought Malibu Mango for home.. So i can drink practically ever night. I think i love drinking alcohol more than ever ever since i came to USA. I drink after work, i drink at home. :D I prefer liquor here more, i think i prefer drinking cocktails. I know
how to make some.. :D

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3 Responses:

Christine said...

oh my gosh same! i'm not a big fan of mooncakes but i like the yolk! haha!

Sandra said...

Wow you and Crispy like the yolk
Uhm eww much?
I don't like the yolk at all!
I love the lotus-y part of the moon cake only
You know what?
Next time we eat together, I take the outer part and you two and split the yolk into two
That would be awesome
Because I normally just throw the yolk away haha
Eh you come back, make cocktails for us okay
I like cocktails =)

Melanie Ng said...

Yea.. Hope we can eat together one day. And i love cocktails too. No liquor taste, sweet and nice.

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