As I Promised..


Been using lots of money buying and stocking up for Winter. :( Hardly save money for college for these past 1 month. Haih..

Anyway, this is fall..

This tree is the most beautiful outside of my house.. The colour is just so reddish.

It has been cold as crazy lately. About 3-8 Celsius everyday and it has been raining for the past few days, all day long. Very sien..
But when it gets so cold, really don't know what to wear. :(
And i have very limited clothes to wear(the nice ones), as i only brought summer clothes from Malaysia.

Few days ago, i spent almost $20 on ice-creams!

Gila right?! Well, i just can't decide what flavors to get, so i got the top 5 most wanted.

And guess what Wankit and i just bought?


I know! Damn cool right? It's in New York January 2010. I so can't wait.. :D
Gotta save more money from now on.

I'll take more beautiful sceneries pictures to share with you guys. How i wish my friends and family are here to experience such beautiful sceneries with me.

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Karthini said...

Nearly $20 on Ice-cream,?! Oh up la instead on spending on ice cream(s). I couldn't believe my eyes! Lol....Top 5 most wanted huh? So which is the best one?

And Fall is looking very beautiful. Always my favourite season. =)

jacqueline said...

wuah..... cost much more than BR man... but Haagen Dazs ler....not bad la... but this is not a very healthy way to store fats also le...hahaa.... take care of your health ahh...=D
Anyway...Fall looks really beautiful....I might have a chance to go USA know? its like some agency thingy giving us(college students) to go there and work and get experience and stuff...but we need like 10k for all the necessary docs and air flight tickets and lodgings... apparently we can earn back in that 4 months la..but i want that experience of working outside... just knew this afternoon only..cant wait to tell you...hehe...Will ask my mum later...I am so sick now...=(
Its ok to not to have glamour clothes for cold weather as long as you keep urself warm enough to stay pun intended, simply means SAVE money...;Dlove you Mel..

Sandra said...
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Sandra said...

Okay I won't ask you to save money anymore
Why didn't you choose that leh
Oh and I lurb you Smellie!

p/s Christine might want to Work & Travel in USA hahahaha so maybe you get to see her HAHAHAHA

Melanie Ng said...

Thini : My favourite is Dark Chocolate & Vanilla Honey Bee. I never like chocolate but dark chocolate is good.

Jacq, It cost the same Jacq. And i prefer Haagen Daaz now than BR. The money i'm earning here, it's ok to spend 20 bucks, just that i don't kow what to buy, so i bought Top 5.

As for the travel and work thing, i have a friend doing it in Ohio. You might like it.. So do try k.. Try to come to the Eastern, don't go West, coz i'm in east.

Sand : sorry, but i don't like chocolote chips cookie dough. my flavours keep changing, so i might say i don't like dark chocolate one day. hahah.. And very hard to save when winter is coming le.. it's getting really cold and i don't have enough clothes. :( have to buy lo.. buy buy buy.. :( i miss u too sand. how i wish i can share everything with u here.

Anonymous said...

haha everyone is thinking of going to US edi after seeing the luxury life u living there mel..i oso like wanna go work n study but expensive la..haha =)super duper jealous with u ..i knw i knw u working hard n spending n but really glad wk jaga u so well..n yes if need to shop n stay warm,make sure do it la..i mean ur clothes are gonna be long term so just buy la k..miss u too lotss especially during bday outings among us frends n group assignment =) so happy for u ..--resh--

jacqueline said...

okok.... Just make sure you use them wisely...
oh, east ...ok..if i get to go, i will definitely look for you there... but seems like chances are kinda slim... but there's still that 'slim' chance for me to fight for..haha... Hope to see u soon.. if i go also next year's summer...will update u...

Sandra said...

I like how you say "so don't go west, coz i'm in east"
You say it like it's a big advice like that
Like if you west you get chicken pox hahaha
I agree with Resh, if it's cold, then buy more clothes
The winter clothing there very nice what
Christine's like dying to wear those winter boots man haha
Or maybe if you want the cheaper way, you buy one or two warmers, then after winter, like during winter clearance sales or something that time right, you buy more so next winter no need spend so much
Then you can even pinjam us when we go see you! heeheeheee
See, I think long term

Toothfairy said...

the tree really does look beautiful! I don't really like ben and jerry, but I'm a huge fan of haagen dasz.... yum!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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