I Am Getting A Lil Afraid Of Who I Am Becoming (2)


Christine turns 21 years old yesterday. So we celebrated with her at The Curve.

Had lunch.

Bought her The Fray CD.

Sing K.

Had fun.

Somehow leaded me to someone i don’t know who i had become. The old me, won’t spend money on these when i don’t have money. I used to lecture my exboyfriend on prioritizing, and i am becoming like him. I am so broke, and yet i said yes to karaoke. What is wrong with me?

I am somehow disappointed in myself. I want to change. I want to change back to who i was. The Mels who studies for finals. The Mels who care about and manage her $$ well.

I don’t want Wankit to have a horrible wife in future that spends like this. He made me realized who i had become, thank God for that. I really don’t know what to do besides doing the best i can for myself and him. I want to change. I don’t want him to repeat the history again. I love him, and he deserves better than this.

I need to change.

Hope you had a great great birthday Christine..

I will post the pictures up tomorrow..

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Mugging Time (2)


Checked my mail and i just got my schedule of this semester’s exam.




I’ve been telling myself that i NEED and i HAVE to study these past few days but, i am too lazy to do so. I don’t know why. I miss the Form 6 Melanie who will mug overnight for examination even if it’s months away from finals! Arggh.. I’ll always find myself on the bed, thinking of him.. So frustrated.

Anyway, been busy planning on a trip to REDANG! Woot!

I gotta admit that i had never been to any island except for Singapore. Lolx.. And i am very excited. Especially when i get to spend time with my only boyfriend that i am longing to see after so many months being apart. I wanna fast forward time, i can’t wait for Summer!

I changed to my blog song to Justin Timberlake’s Another Song, All Over Again. Very emotional song, ya i know. Because it has been raining like cats, dogs, frog and pigs!!! So moody and cold.. A very suitable song for this weather..

Ok. I try to study now.


What You Think Of? (6)


Alright.. I’m so free. So happy that my most hectic week is over. So after the boyfriend went to bed, i continue watching 90210!


I know, it’s the new Beverly Hills. Haha.. Honestly, i never bothered to watch this show, coz it’s Beverly Hills, nothing that interest me. But few months ago, Jo-ann’s so i kinda copied any nice TV series from it, so, 90210!

That Anny or whatever girl’s got a pretty hot dad!


It’s really nice and entertaining. Not as many sex scenes like The O.C, One Tree Hill and Grey’s. Very high school.. Noami is ugly, sometimes pretty when her hair is straight. I still love OTH and Grey’s.

The music is great! Very California. I like! Visit here for music!

So speaking of music.. I am so random, i just made my own survey/tag thingy.

Tell me what song comes into your mind when you think of the word and why.


Dishwalla – Angels or Devils


“because it puts me into deep emotions and i really love and feel for this song”


Backstreet Boys - Everybody


“because, that’s when all of us are having happy times together. The only time, with daddy. And

he was so proud of me, coz i know how to dance that dance. I miss that family i had.”


Corrinne May – Shelter


“because friendship should be like this.. a shelter”


Michelle Branch – You Set Me Free


“because love makes you feel free.. You just wanna be yourself, coz he only loves you for who

you are”


Elton John – Your Song


“because he dedicated this song to me.. and he sang it to me, beside my ear.. and it’s the

sweetest voice i ever heard, i miss it.”

Colbie Callat – Realize


“because i dedicated this song to him when he made me realized what i just realized..”


Christina Aguilera – I Turn To You


“because i always turn to her no matter what. She’s like my other best friend other than



The Survivor – Eye Of The Tiger


“Daddy used to love watching Rocky when i was younger and he loves this song..

So this song is a big part of my memory of me and him.”


Christina Aguilera – The Voice Within


“When i was lost, my deepest and darkest moment, lonely, this song guided me

through.. And i found me”


Gavin Degraw – More Than Anyone


“because i WANT to walk down the aisle with this song on my wedding day”


Damien Rice - 9 Crimes(Feat. Lisa Hannigan)


“because it’s a heartbreaking song.. Very creepy and sad. Perfect for funeral. Thanks Xtine!”


The Click Five – Good Day


“used to be my alarm clock tone. :] Wakes me up with a smile on my face, coz it’s gonna be a

good day!”


Britney Spears – Piece of Me

image 2

“a very sam pat(bitchy) song, i know, but makes me wanna put on my make-up and look



My Chemical Romance – This Is How I Disappear


“The intro just makes you all charged up and makes you feel like running!!!”


Maroon 5 – Better That We Break


“A song introduced by Beverly when i just had the worst break up ever. Really really

makes me cry alot this song, like practically cry whenever i hear the song for 6 months.

This song makes me hold on, and hang on to the relationship that will never works.

Fav lines :

- Now waking up is hard to do
And sleeping is impossible too
Everything is reminding me of you

- The city look so nice from here
Pity I can’t see it clearly
While you’re standing there, it disappears”


Avril Lavigne – I’m With You


“everybody loves this song during high school! and brings back the memories of my high school



Starship – Nothings Gonna Stop Us Now


“because nobody’s gonna stop us from being together.. And i want us to achieve our

dreams together and build our future together..”


My Chemical Romance – Cancer


“The best moment of my life, the best concert i’ve ever been to.. Only the sound of the crowd

singing Cancer together with Mr.Way, Jillian Yeow and Melanie Ng.. The best memory”


Gavin Degraw – I Don’t Wanna Be




Christina Aguilera – Reflection


“The only song i can sing”

Spice Girls – Wannabe


“the best song to sing with your girlfriends.. trust me, only girlfriends knows the best part”


Bryan Adams – Please Forgive Me


“When i was in primary school, i must listen to this song every night before i go to sleep on the

cassette.. And i will rewind and rewind again until i fall asleep”

21. LOST

Mariah Carey – Bye Bye


“Nicholas dedicated this song to me when Ringo passed away. And i will cry and think about all

the people i had lost, and Ringo”


The Fray – You Found Me

image 1

“because.. You found me..”

23. RAIN

John Mayer – Daughter


“It was raining one Sunday morning when Jill and i were on our way to tuition, and this song is

played on 987fm, and we just sing to it.. So moody and sweet.”


Robert Thicke – Lost Without You


“because this song is plain sexy”

25. LIFE

Natasha Bedingfield – Happy


“puts me in a mixed feeling”


Nada Surf – If You Leave

image 3

“When Seth Cohen chased after Anna when she is leaving OC.. So sad.. Whenever people leaves,

I will think of this song.”


The All America Rejects – Dirty Little Secrets


“because i love the beat of it. makes me very excited and hyper”


Paramore – CrushCrushCrush


“because i love Paramore and they are performing in New Jersey soon and i am dying to go!”

29. FOOD

Toploader – Dancing In The Moonlight


“because Jamie Oliver uses this song in his cook show everytime he finish cooking! :] yum yum!”


Hinder – Lips Of An Angel


“i hate cheatings.. especially this song! but it’s a great song to sing along with, espeaciallu with


Katy Perry – Thinking Of You


“it was a damn fucking cheating song i hated until i watch the video. makes me cry ah.. so sad.

makes me imagine if i lose Wankit, so sad!”


LMNT - Open Your Eyes (to Love)


“I used to have this crush in High School for like 3-4 years and i gave him a nickname that only

my friends and i know, Ethan. Just like Lizzie McGuire’s crush, Ethan. So charming and beyond

my reach. And i am always praying for his eyes to open to love me.. but he didn’t. So i opened

eyes to love Wankit”

And i tag:


Christine Wong

Sandra Wong


Rachel Yow



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One Step Closer (0)


Finally.. My dream is finally seem to be closer now.


My Favorite Songs (6)


Was doing a tribute video for a friend of Christine.

It was a great video.

She is a great friend.

She uses almost all of her friend’s favorite songs.

I am just wondering, does any of my friends knows what are my favorite songs?

Ok, in case anything happen to me and somehow you’re thinking of my favorite song, here’s mine:

    • Dishwalla – Angels or Devil
    • Fefe Dobson – Everything
    • Bryan Adams – Please Forgive Me
    • Secondhand Serenade - Vulnerable
    • Elvis Presley – Don’t
    • Boys II Men – On Bended Knees
    • Nada Surf – If You Leave
    • Bon Jovi – I’ll Be There For You
    • The Wreckers – The Good Kind
    • The Click Five – Say Goodnight
    • Diana Ross – If We Hold On
    • Elton John – Your Song
    • Gavin Degraw – More Than Anyone
    • Howie Day - Collide


Like don’t have sad songs for funeral huh?

Ok.. Here are some:

    • Corrinne May – Let It Go
    • Greg Laswell – And Then You
    • Hollies - He Ain't Heavy,He's My Brother
    • Mozella – Say It Isn’t So


Ok, not so sad also. Haha..

I should get back to my thesis!

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In My Mind (0)



Words done: 363/2000 words
Remark: I’m only at introduction. Now gotta continue on my drawing de.

I am doing 2 assignments at once now. Was suppose to go The Curve to support Sern Kia for his cheerleading competition. But… :(

I am suppose to do my assignment but my mind is wondering around.. Somewhere..

Suddenly i miss my friends, The Dreamers.

Was so happy that Wan Hui called last night for dinner, but then, they couldn’t make it de. :(

Suddenly i really wanna sit down with them and pour my feelings and catch up with them. I do miss them, alot.

Suddenly, i start to miss this girl.


She seems like she’s having lots of fun in Russia. Her hair is so long de. It seems like i haven’t seen her in ages.


She said she’ll come to NJ to find me when i’m there. I can’t wait. Owh wait! I’m not even in NJ yet. :( Probably won’t be able to see her so soon.

When i think of this girl, it will lead me to this another girl.

270407 015

Miss hanging out at her place after school. I miss eating her cooking.. She’s a rocker. Both of them are. I guess, i hung out alot with them for almost 2 years, that’s why i miss them so much. When i’m bored at home, i will just ring them up for yumcha. And i kinda miss Juivy’s old sexy and manly Audi car. We’re the Perling girls..

I miss you girls..

But life gotta go on..


So i fell in love with this new software.

Evernote! It is a very good organizer if you are a blogger or a student who just wanna do your damn research and cite it! This is the one to use. Go browse through all the webby and whatever crap and save it ALL in Evernote. When you do your essay, just refer back to Evernote, it’s got everything inside.


I’m doing my research on Podcasting. Haha..

I haven’t even finish my drawings on the storyboard that i lost in the futsal court last Sunday. :( Wasted all my effort. But i can finish it by tomorrow. I just wanna do some of this assignment coz it’s 2000 words!!!! Don’t worry Christine, i’ll finish it in time.

Then i start to miss this person when he is asleep coz i was busy doing my researches.


I know he misses me too. Really glad he’s in my life.. I feel so bad for not able to accompany him this whole week.

And i think i need more music but before i get more songs in my iTunes, i really seriously need to organize my iTunes. All those oldies i got from Sandra’s daddy, is occupying too much of my hard disk space. So i gotta delete some that i don’t like. Too much of oldies, turns my hair grey.

At the meantime, Wankit is gonna download for me Sister Hazel’s songs! So nice weh! Check this track out!

It was featured in Scrubs too.. So nice..

I am dreaming. Dreaming of the day i am with him again. Dreaming of me and him States. A new life. You might be thinking, why i wanna leave my family behind and all? Honestly, i am pretty sick of this life. I don’t wanna live this way. I am without my family now. I am independent. I don’t always go home. I am used to it. Of coz i do miss home and all. I think it’s better to have him around when i am struggling. I’m all alone now. I don’t wanna be alone. I miss him alot. I guess it’s really time for me to want to be independent from my mummy. And i really want him to be in my life.

So i am just waiting for this…


.. then i’ll be more happier. I wanna control my life.. But this, i really need my mummy to help me first before i can control my life.

It was psychologist, fashion designer, interior designer, web designer.. But i was no where close to it. I had a tough time figuring out what i want to do after Sec 5. Then i was in Mass Com at HELP. I hate to admit this, but Zan actually made me really interested in broadcasting. Then i found what i wanna do.. Broadcasting. So Broadcasting is what i wanna pursue in States. I hope i will find a better chance for me to learn and explore there.

OWH! So sweet of V and N for taking the initiative to get to know each other’s interest after an argument. Reminds me of us..


But poor C, got a new competitor, C. B, love the old C. Old C’s just stupid at the moment. Now Yale is over and C’s coming back to you, why ruin it with the new one? Love C!


and.. I miss home.

I need to stop thinking and continue with my work.

Haha.. I know i am random.

My iTunes is rotting!

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Last Thing (0)


Finally last scene was done yesterday. HELL week is almost over. Now left editing part. My fault for loosing the storyboard, so i will be busy doing my storyboard this weekend.

I was suppose to go The Curve for Sern Kia’s cheerleading competition, i guess i need to skip it now. So Sern Kia, must win ok? So can go America!
And i was suppose to do my Info Tech Thesis today, at least a little, but i guess i have to skip it too! OMG!

Anyway, it’s Mr.Chew’s birthday today


So last night he had a little party over his place, theme: Beach.

So silly of me, wore a batik skirt. Everyone wore shorts. I super mhm song when i have to be so gentle when i sit down and all. Anyway, i had fun. Thanks Chew for all the delicious food and the sambal belacan that you didn’t let me know you have. Looks so nice.



100_4495 The guys

100_4473 The girls








Do girls always have a problem with their current boyfriend’s ex-girlfriends? Haha.. Sensitive issue huh? I gotta admit, i have a very serious severe issue about her. Somehow she seems harmless, but her killer adorable smile just makes me feel intimidated. Yes! Intimidated. Haha.. Maybe it’s very hard for me to let go the fact that it’s impossible for them both. Maybe i’ve seen them together before, their memories is somehow in my mind too? But something i just found out, made me realized, maybe she’s really harmless and she’s a great person. She ain’t that bad. I know i’m all he ever wanted, and he is giving me all the love in the world, and i could not ask for more..

Owh! Hi Jack! Nice talking to you last night.

Forgotten to announce that i’m no longer a barista in Starbucks NZX. They reallocated the store and i find it very hard for me to travel using public transport especially at night, so i decided to quit. I really love being a barista, the most fun job i ever had. Now i have no income, :(
Starvation month.

I just wanna quickly get my visa and get out of here and let him be there to comfort me when i need someone.

Ok.. Back to color pens and drawing!

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