I think, Michael Jackson’s concerts are all in UK. :[

Please get more information for me!

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Karthini said...

You've been a fan of Michael Jackson since primary school?? Lol..i never knew. I was frankly quite shocked that he announced a concert. I mean..his life is really messed up now. Hmmm...hope he gets things back on the right track. Britney did it...:)

Melanie said...

Yeah.. I guess i was very influenced by my daddy. he's a huge fan of mj..

i think i know why he ain't havin his concerts in States, coz the us doesn like him.

but i do!

Mae said...

OMG, we're both fans of MJ since primary school! Haha... *runs off*

I want to catch his last concert too! Dang.

Melanie said...

But like so sad right? only in UK. :P

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