Long Kor


Yesterday was Ah Long’s 21st Birthday! :D

Was busy shooting scenes in Subang with my teammates for our Intro to Films project. So rushed to Long’s house to give him a suprise, thanks to Elaine, it jadi, and no thanks for Wern Sern for bocoring it.


100_4439 Met Felicia.. Josh asked to pose something different

100_4441 Then a normal one


100_4444 The Joshua with make-up on



This whole week is HELL WEEK! Procrastination is really a KILLER! Especially when it comes to filming. Those reports and all can procrastinate, but not for filming! Can die! My poor teammates, we’re all suffering and sacrificing our beautiful sleep thanks to this project. :(
I wanna thanks SERN KIA, Kane, Shan Yong, Joshua, Georgy, Ren Shen, Lih Jian, Ah Long, Chew, Elaine and whoever who helped to act and help in any sense. Thanks a million..

And to my teammates, don’t stress, we are halfway through.. Just have to find more calefairs. We’ll go through this together. Sama sama pikul ok?

I can’t wait for this week to end!

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Karthini said...

Im praying that your HELL week will end as soon as possible. Hang in there you guys! And i'm so sorry again that i couldnt be of help. So sorry...

Hope you get top notch grades for all your hard work! Same goes for your hardworking team!

Melanie said...

thanks.. :(

we really need calefares!!

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