Nasi Ayam Cina


Ok. This is a recipe that i compile from my friend who also loves culinary, Tan Juivy, and my mother.

It’s quite easy.

First clean the ‘kampung’ chicken and a bunch of chicken bones inside out.

Boil the chicken bones in a pot of water(more than enough to cook the rice), then it’ll be our chicken broth.

08032009041 Sorry but i forgotten to take the rest of the picture of how to marinate the chicken. Maybe you can imagine while i explain how to do the following steps.

Later on, apply salt all around and inside of the clean ‘kampung’ chicken. Then, stuff in  a bunch of Spring Onions, lots of Gingers, pandan leaves and a lil bit of Chinese Corianders for more taste(can skip it of you want), then bring the chicken to steam for more than 2 hours, so it’s more tender and soft.. I hate hard breast chicken, i only like breast, so soft one is nicer.

This is how Spring Onions look like.
Not real Onions k.


Steaming the Chicken!

08032009044 Making the broth!


Now, while waiting the broth to be more brothy and the Chicken to be more steamy and juicy, you can make the chili!

Easy, just blend Red Chili, lots of Chili Padi and GARLIC! mhm… You can try Green Chili if you prefer green color.

My mummy told me that we got blender after i was smashing the chilis in some stone bowl. :]


She said the smashed ones are nicer than the one that is blended..


Remember to add more water to the steaming pot thing, or you’ll be baking your chicken.

After 2 hours, use the chicken’s fats and skins to fry it in the rice cooker pot on a stove. Yes! Get all the chicken oil out from the fats coz we’re gonna eat those oil.

08032009046 08032009049

After getting enough oil from the chicken, add in ginger and garlic to fry it in that same pot. when it’s brownish, take the fats and skins out of the pot. Then continue to fry the lemon grass(use the butcher knife’s bottom to smash the whole lime grass to bring the flavor out, half of it will do) and the pandan leaves..



Then add in the washed rice to the rice cooker pot and add in the chicken broth that you made like how you normally cook rice. Then you wait until it’s cook.

For easier recipe, no need steam the chicken.. Just cook the chicken broth with chicken bones and with chopped chicken. Then fry the fats and skins like normal, add garlic, ginger, pandan leaves and lemon grass and FRY! Then add the rice, with chicken broth and the chopped chicken the rice cooker and cook together. Easier to prepare, especially for those who are busy studying and mugging for exams overseas..

I’ll try to add in more recipes when i’m free.

Juivy, this is fun!

Good luck!

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sandrawong said...

Hahahaha sorry man no fun la Mel hahahaha
I don't like cooking but I would LOVE to eat your chicken rice
Looks really good

Karthini said...

Lol..i dont like cooking either. But like your friend said - i would really like to eat your chicken rice! ;)

Alan said...

cut down the oil!!

Melanie said...

cut down alot de.. summer i cook again for u guys

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