Mugging Time


Checked my mail and i just got my schedule of this semester’s exam.




I’ve been telling myself that i NEED and i HAVE to study these past few days but, i am too lazy to do so. I don’t know why. I miss the Form 6 Melanie who will mug overnight for examination even if it’s months away from finals! Arggh.. I’ll always find myself on the bed, thinking of him.. So frustrated.

Anyway, been busy planning on a trip to REDANG! Woot!

I gotta admit that i had never been to any island except for Singapore. Lolx.. And i am very excited. Especially when i get to spend time with my only boyfriend that i am longing to see after so many months being apart. I wanna fast forward time, i can’t wait for Summer!

I changed to my blog song to Justin Timberlake’s Another Song, All Over Again. Very emotional song, ya i know. Because it has been raining like cats, dogs, frog and pigs!!! So moody and cold.. A very suitable song for this weather..

Ok. I try to study now.


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Karthini said...

My exam is just around the corner as well and the harder i try to study, the lazier i become. I understand what you mean and its our brain's way of retaliating. Our brains just wander off thinking about everything else except studying! Haih...silly silly brain! I hope you manage to get into the flow of studying soon...i'm trying my hardest here too :P

Melanie said...

good luck thini.. i'll try my very best too..

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