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Finally last scene was done yesterday. HELL week is almost over. Now left editing part. My fault for loosing the storyboard, so i will be busy doing my storyboard this weekend.

I was suppose to go The Curve for Sern Kia’s cheerleading competition, i guess i need to skip it now. So Sern Kia, must win ok? So can go America!
And i was suppose to do my Info Tech Thesis today, at least a little, but i guess i have to skip it too! OMG!

Anyway, it’s Mr.Chew’s birthday today


So last night he had a little party over his place, theme: Beach.

So silly of me, wore a batik skirt. Everyone wore shorts. I super mhm song when i have to be so gentle when i sit down and all. Anyway, i had fun. Thanks Chew for all the delicious food and the sambal belacan that you didn’t let me know you have. Looks so nice.



100_4495 The guys

100_4473 The girls








Do girls always have a problem with their current boyfriend’s ex-girlfriends? Haha.. Sensitive issue huh? I gotta admit, i have a very serious severe issue about her. Somehow she seems harmless, but her killer adorable smile just makes me feel intimidated. Yes! Intimidated. Haha.. Maybe it’s very hard for me to let go the fact that it’s impossible for them both. Maybe i’ve seen them together before, their memories is somehow in my mind too? But something i just found out, made me realized, maybe she’s really harmless and she’s a great person. She ain’t that bad. I know i’m all he ever wanted, and he is giving me all the love in the world, and i could not ask for more..

Owh! Hi Jack! Nice talking to you last night.

Forgotten to announce that i’m no longer a barista in Starbucks NZX. They reallocated the store and i find it very hard for me to travel using public transport especially at night, so i decided to quit. I really love being a barista, the most fun job i ever had. Now i have no income, :(
Starvation month.

I just wanna quickly get my visa and get out of here and let him be there to comfort me when i need someone.

Ok.. Back to color pens and drawing!

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