Who Say Birthday Blues?! I SAY PURPLE & WHITE BIRTHDAY! (3)


So at the night of my birthday, we planned to dine in an Italian Restaurant but it was closed due to the heavy snow. So we passed by this Ruth Chris's Steakhouse and why not give it a try?

We didn't know it's a super fine dining place. Deco and atmosphere was super classy.

They have cellar crap and all. And the menu! Super expensive! So Wankit and i just share. I have to admit, the steak is the best i have tasted. :D

Crabcake stuffed in mushroom. The mushroom is huge and fresh.

Some Seafood Gumbo.

It was a great great experience dining in a super fine dining restaurant. Thanks Wankit for spending a bomb for me on my birthday. Hehe... I enjoyed it alot.

Got my iPhone and i am glad i did not choose Blackberry coz iPhone is way faster than Blackberry.

With awesome possum cover.

Then the next day went to Rutgers to accompany Wankit to sit his last paper.

Then got my Ugg Boots.

Then Janice & Melica gave me this.

Exactly what i wanted never expect anyone will get one PURPLE WALLET for me!!!
Thanks Mel & Janice!
And Fiona and Vincent gave me a HUGE Sephora Make up(eye shadow) palette!
And some few ang pows from the elders.
Am i not the happiest girl?!!!

Lastly, i wanna thank everyone who wished me on my birthday. Really mean alot to me when i am overseas, also goes out to my beloved mummy and sister who text me the Malaysian time and made me shiok sendiri. Mahaha...

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White Birthday (0)

Crazy heavy snow storm strucked New Jersey yesterday through this morning. What a dangerous condition for wankit to work as a delivery.

But he's fine. So I woke up this morning with these view. So nice. I heard it's gonna snow again on Christmas. :)

Nothing much is gonna happen today. Just gonna have a dinner. But I am very happy that I got wankit here with me and my brand new iPhone. Such an awesome thing.

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Birthday Blues (2)


Another 6 more days i would be 21 years old. Again, i have birthday blue tho i am looking forward to get my Ugg Boots and to be able to drink alcohol legally in the United States.
Besides that, i have nothing much to look forward to. I have no friends and no RDs to celebrate my birthday with, no mama and family(that includes my gila cousin, Jill), Wankit has finals on the 21st Dec and there wouldn't be anyone at home with me on my birthday.

But what i am proud of is, i had reached this far in life. I always known that i had been a nasty and bitchy daughter for the past 18 years of my life since i was born, i am glad i am a better person now to my mama and to myself. I am firm with what i want to do in life and future. I am paying for my own college with just waitressing(probably will get some extra jobs in future). I am very proud of who i am today.

First of all i wanna truly thank my mama, who is always scolding me which at certain point really did work and loves me unconditionally,
I wanna thank Peng Ee(Jill's mama), who had always been so mean to me and never stop lecturing me and really shows that she truly cares for me,
i wanna thank the RDs, who had always leading me to the right path when i was really lost in life and you guys will always be in every chapter of my life,
i wanna thank Thini, Sandra and Christine, whom made such a great impact in my life and had always been a good friend who never fails to listen to my problems,
and most of all, i wanna thank Wankit,
for being such a great lover who completely changed my life in many perspective ways, love me so much that i don't even think no one had ever loved me so much besides my mama, guided me, made me a much much better person that i was, never made me fail to love you more each day and always make me happy. What we have now, is my biggest achievement for these past 21 years and i am proud of ourselves too. I never knew i could love someone so much that i could give everything up in Malaysia and fly millions of miles away for you. What we have now, is what i want in future, hope we'll stay this way for as long as possible.

I guess i am not that blue on my birthday after all.

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Bad Romance- Jillian (0)

Another awesome cover for Bad Romance by my cousin, Jillian!
Enjoy the "cmon toshi, cmon toshi, cmon!"

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Hello Kitty (8)


I just got my new debit card from Bank of America!
And it's a Hello Kitty! So cute! :D

And a Hello Kitty cheque book!


Unexpected Lost On My First Snow. So I Made My Wish.. (2)


For the whole week, we were expecting snow last Saturday. I was so excited since it's my first snow. :D
Then i wonder, those American movies when they wake up seeing everything outside covered in snow and pretend to be so shock, are all really acting. Coz everyone here check at least one week ahead weather forecast and if there is snow, we will expect snow.. =.=
I have no idea what i am talking about but i hope you know what i mean.

Anyway, it first started off like this..

When you look up to the sky when it snows, you will feel like you're in an ice-kacang bowl when the ice-kacang machine is making the frost. Like everything is falling on you.. Pretty scary i must say.

I was so happy and all with the snow until i reach my work. I found out that the Mexican busboy just passed away and he is at my age. :( How unexpected. Everyone was really sad. He's a great kid, always help me out. What a tragedy.

Life is.. very very unexpected.

Anyway, we went to McD after work and i took some shots, coz i felt like the scene looks so fake. Like i'm in a studio set.

I prefer the morning better.

The car all covered in snow.

Then we went to Atlantic City with his Aunt who just came from Malaysia for holidays.

Wankit's aunt also brought some stuff from my mummy. :D

My 21st birthday gift, A Key to FREEDOM.

Well, i got my freedom earlier but still, it's official!

And my mummy got me tons of Japanese rice sprinkles thing from Daiso. Hehe...

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It's December Again (0)


My favourite month of the year. Yes! Coz my birthday is coming and Christmas is coming!!! Done with your Christmas shopping yet?

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