Unexpected Lost On My First Snow. So I Made My Wish..


For the whole week, we were expecting snow last Saturday. I was so excited since it's my first snow. :D
Then i wonder, those American movies when they wake up seeing everything outside covered in snow and pretend to be so shock, are all really acting. Coz everyone here check at least one week ahead weather forecast and if there is snow, we will expect snow.. =.=
I have no idea what i am talking about but i hope you know what i mean.

Anyway, it first started off like this..

When you look up to the sky when it snows, you will feel like you're in an ice-kacang bowl when the ice-kacang machine is making the frost. Like everything is falling on you.. Pretty scary i must say.

I was so happy and all with the snow until i reach my work. I found out that the Mexican busboy just passed away and he is at my age. :( How unexpected. Everyone was really sad. He's a great kid, always help me out. What a tragedy.

Life is.. very very unexpected.

Anyway, we went to McD after work and i took some shots, coz i felt like the scene looks so fake. Like i'm in a studio set.

I prefer the morning better.

The car all covered in snow.

Then we went to Atlantic City with his Aunt who just came from Malaysia for holidays.

Wankit's aunt also brought some stuff from my mummy. :D

My 21st birthday gift, A Key to FREEDOM.

Well, i got my freedom earlier but still, it's official!

And my mummy got me tons of Japanese rice sprinkles thing from Daiso. Hehe...

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2 Responses:

Sandra said...

Hahaha ais kacang!
I have never experienced snow before... you lucky girl
By the way ar, my friends love to read your blog weh hahaha
And you should consider putting something like Nuffnang lah, but US version one lah
Earn some extra pocket money!

Melanie Ng said...

who la ur friends read my blog? my blog so boring. nothing personal in it. hehe.. i wanna read urs more. plz update k?

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