Who Say Birthday Blues?! I SAY PURPLE & WHITE BIRTHDAY!


So at the night of my birthday, we planned to dine in an Italian Restaurant but it was closed due to the heavy snow. So we passed by this Ruth Chris's Steakhouse and why not give it a try?

We didn't know it's a super fine dining place. Deco and atmosphere was super classy.

They have cellar crap and all. And the menu! Super expensive! So Wankit and i just share. I have to admit, the steak is the best i have tasted. :D

Crabcake stuffed in mushroom. The mushroom is huge and fresh.

Some Seafood Gumbo.

It was a great great experience dining in a super fine dining restaurant. Thanks Wankit for spending a bomb for me on my birthday. Hehe... I enjoyed it alot.

Got my iPhone and i am glad i did not choose Blackberry coz iPhone is way faster than Blackberry.

With awesome possum cover.

Then the next day went to Rutgers to accompany Wankit to sit his last paper.

Then got my Ugg Boots.

Then Janice & Melica gave me this.

Exactly what i wanted never expect anyone will get one PURPLE WALLET for me!!!
Thanks Mel & Janice!
And Fiona and Vincent gave me a HUGE Sephora Make up(eye shadow) palette!
And some few ang pows from the elders.
Am i not the happiest girl?!!!

Lastly, i wanna thank everyone who wished me on my birthday. Really mean alot to me when i am overseas, also goes out to my beloved mummy and sister who text me the Malaysian time and made me shiok sendiri. Mahaha...

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3 Responses:

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

your juicy wallet is really cute!

sandrawong said...

You know, I wanted to text you according to Malaysian time one
Then I realised I don't have your US number -.-
So I texted Zachary instead and asked him to remember to wish you HAHA but then he said he in Penang -.- Kek sei me
Anyway, I'm glad you had fun on your special day Mel!
Love you <3

Anonymous said...

omg mel so so jealous..u totally has fun ya..n all the things that a gal can ask for, u have it..so so happy for u n so glad ur bday turb out the best =)n happy belated bday once again =) love u <3 --resh--

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