Birthday Blues


Another 6 more days i would be 21 years old. Again, i have birthday blue tho i am looking forward to get my Ugg Boots and to be able to drink alcohol legally in the United States.
Besides that, i have nothing much to look forward to. I have no friends and no RDs to celebrate my birthday with, no mama and family(that includes my gila cousin, Jill), Wankit has finals on the 21st Dec and there wouldn't be anyone at home with me on my birthday.

But what i am proud of is, i had reached this far in life. I always known that i had been a nasty and bitchy daughter for the past 18 years of my life since i was born, i am glad i am a better person now to my mama and to myself. I am firm with what i want to do in life and future. I am paying for my own college with just waitressing(probably will get some extra jobs in future). I am very proud of who i am today.

First of all i wanna truly thank my mama, who is always scolding me which at certain point really did work and loves me unconditionally,
I wanna thank Peng Ee(Jill's mama), who had always been so mean to me and never stop lecturing me and really shows that she truly cares for me,
i wanna thank the RDs, who had always leading me to the right path when i was really lost in life and you guys will always be in every chapter of my life,
i wanna thank Thini, Sandra and Christine, whom made such a great impact in my life and had always been a good friend who never fails to listen to my problems,
and most of all, i wanna thank Wankit,
for being such a great lover who completely changed my life in many perspective ways, love me so much that i don't even think no one had ever loved me so much besides my mama, guided me, made me a much much better person that i was, never made me fail to love you more each day and always make me happy. What we have now, is my biggest achievement for these past 21 years and i am proud of ourselves too. I never knew i could love someone so much that i could give everything up in Malaysia and fly millions of miles away for you. What we have now, is what i want in future, hope we'll stay this way for as long as possible.

I guess i am not that blue on my birthday after all.

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Karthini said...

Oh Mel! What a lovely post! And so fitting too. I've always been proud of you, i've said it before. You're really one of the strongest people that i've met. Eeryday i wish i can be more like you. Always firm in what you want AND working for it. Look at you now! Thousands of miles away from home without the comfort of your own family and friends and you're doing just fine.

I'm sure there are days that are sucky but you'll get through them just fine. Because you are MELANIE! You are cheery and always positive. A quality that i never have i must say but i'm working on it! =)

Your mum is very proud of you, i know that much. She loves you and has worked hard for you and your sister. Now i know where you got that strength from..haha...mummy is a strong person too! And Wankit? Well....i still remember the first time you told me about him. Inside i was going "Oh please don't let it be like the last"...and thankfully, you're finally happy in that department =) YOu've found a great guy!

And thanks for thinking of me in your little post. I don't just help anyone you know? Haha...i love you la, so i'll always be there for you yeah? Don't forget! Wish you were here though..i don't know how it feels like to live miles away from home, but you did it! Proud of you for that too. You should be proud that at 21, you've managed to gain so much experience and knowledge that very few 21 year olds get (me included)! Dealing with different people and different environments is never an easy thing.But you did it! =)

Gtg now, but don't be blue on your birthday! I'm sure you'll find a way to have fun! I hope Wankit has an easy time with his finals too...haha...

You take care Mel! Miss you!

Anonymous said...

hey mel, just thought i should drop u some words of wisdom too, just to cheer u up n hope u have an amazing bday..knwing u for the shortest time yet but was amazing n shall always miss u in our little circle of frends..dunno how we found this amazing group but it has been the best group yet among us..

dont be sad that u wont be able to have that perfect bday but instead like u did,reflect on the amazing achievements thru out this 21 yrs of ur life..n like thini said we are all proud of u coz looking at the way u have lived life,i can say no one has been stronger compared to u n u have done anything possible to reach ur ya be proud of urself and knw that u have lotss more to reach in life..

im glad that u are starting uni soon oso which proves that u wanna reach greater heights in life n we can wait to hear the good news that u have graduated..=)

all the best in everything u do..never look down on urself coz u have been great and an inspiration to many of go out there,be happy with wan kit, and live ur life ..

bday is special when u make it special so choose another day n make it ur special day to hang out with wk and his family n ur restaurant friends =)

love u lotss mel and we are all happy that u have finally found ur true happiness and simply best wishes frm all of us always n knw that whatever happens we are all here for u to fall back on =) huggss n have the best bday ever k =)


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