Nobody Nobody Reunion (1)


I am so happy now. I’m finally home! Yeah.. I miss my family alot. Yesterday squeezed in a car with my Uncle’s family with the 4 of us at the backseat. After 4 hours, finally reach home..

Then went to the new Jusco opened near my place. Sofa King huge but not much entertainment, eg:Cinemas and Karaoke Box. Anyway, mummy bought a pair of sandals and GLADIATORS! I never once tried on a gladiators that look nice on me.. This is just so rare, so she bought it for me. :]

Then we bought the same checkers shirt for Chinese new year. :]

Damn Happy! Woohoo!!

Later on, mummy dyed my hair.. But the colour isn’t that obvious. :[ Never mind la.. After i washed my hair, i rushed to get ready to meet the girls at City Square for Coffee Bean, which i don’t like. Starbucks is still better in so many ways. It was nice meeting them up.

Anyway.. Here’s some happy moments with my family earlier on during reunion at my place.

100_4025 100_4026


100_4030 100_4031 100_4033 100_4035 100_4038 100_4039 100_4040 100_4041 100_4043 100_4045 100_4046 100_4044

Yum Seng!

Feels so good to be home again with my family..

I just wish we can be more united.

Can’t wait to wear my new clothes tomorrow!!

Music of CNY: Wonder Girls-Nobody

Introduced by Jillian.. And it’s ringing in my head like non-stop!

Wonder Girls-Nobody

And this is Jillian dancing Nobody in City Square last night!

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New Year, New Things! (3)


Hey people,

I can’t wait to go home to my beloved Johore Bahru later in the morning! I told Wankit i am gonna sleep but here i am, blogging and adding Album Artwork to my Itunes so i get entertained by the the beautiful artwork of the album when i listen to my Gayson(my ipod).

I am so in the Chinese New Year mood! First of all, new clothes! Woot woot!

I didn’t buy much, nor spend much on clothes. All of my bottoms cost less than RM20 and my tops are less than RM25. And I have my eye on this awesome bag from this online store at RM50.

DSC01932 Not bad huh? I have my own reason to get this bag, my bags ain’t big enough for my pencil case, bottle, umbrella, phone, extra food to munch on, Gayson, Jacket and some rubbish that i love to carry that made my other bags handles broke. Sandra really got me hooked on Malaysia’s online shopping which i also don’t get it why on earth they don’t wanna use Ebay that uses Pay Pall which makes transactions easier than fund transfering. Arggh..

Talking about online shopping! Wankit just got me and him a Rutgers University Sweat shirt.. By the way, if you don’t know, it’s his Uni.

FF_105460_l Tried to search for the female picture after he purchase it but i couldn’t. Maybe out of stock de. Anyway, once i get it from him, i’ll post up some shots of it.. I am such a crazy girlfriend huh? Demands alot.. Must be same design one. Haha..

I wanna go home.. Mel, i think you should faster sleep and you can go home tomorrow. :]

Good night, Mel..

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Sofa King Busy (0)


Currently outside the library. Sofa King pissed with the guy who came and sit on the same table as me when Sandra left. :S WHEN I WAS HAVING AN ARGUEMENT WITH WANKIT! Sofa King pissed!!!

I am so freaking busy this week. I didn’t even spend my cousin’s 21st birthday with her. Damn sad but.. arggh! Life!

I am still pissed with that guy!

Anyway, Jillian Jie Jie, Happy 21st Birthday. Tho i might be able to spend your 21st birthday with you, just want you to know, you are irreplaceable and i still love you as much as i love you when you stuck your toe in my mouth when we were younger. Haha.. Kidding. I still love you.. Hope this 21 digit makes you a better and wiser person than now. And may you always be in the best of health and WEALTH! Let’s spend more time during CNY before the real adulthood starts k?

Hmm.. Just bumped into Jacq while typing these, talked a lil to her.. Felt better now.

Somehow this semester, is rather stressful. Lots of materials to read on, lots of theories from the film and information technologies.. And communication in workplace. To be honest, really feel like giving up this sem.

Sometimes when my mind is wondering around during classes, i can hear her voices.. I can still hear her words of advice and wisdom. Feels unbelievable that she’s no longer with us.. Life’s really short. How should i cherish on what i have while torture myself with college?

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Jassy’s 21st Birthday (2)


Last weekend i skipped working and i went back home. :]

Mainly because of my late aunt’s prayer, Jazvinder’s 21st birthday bash and Jillian, my beloved cousin’s gathering.

It’s nice to be with the family again. Jill and i went back to my place to get a key while the adults do their prayers, Aunt Sharon informed us to buy some drinks and Coke. So we drove back and get some stuff, chat a lil with popo, then we went back to the prayer place. Then we passed the adults and parked the car. As i off the engine, Jill screamed! At that moment i thought Jill saw Aunt Vivian’s spirit or what. Lolx.. She saw the money that was placed in the car that Aunt Sharon gave. We quickly restart back the car and drove off to get the things. You should see my mummy’s face, it’s like “wtf”!

After that we went for a dinner together before Peng Ee send me to RJCC to Jasvinder’s party. Mummy didn’t allow me to drive to Jill’s gathering coz it’s at freaking Ah Fook Street, apparently lots of robbery cases and etc.. So i couldn’t make it to my own cousin’s 21st birthday gathering. Actually there is a hidden agenda behind it too. Probably trying to avoid someone who i don’t wish to see. Anyway, Jaz’s party was awesome! I had never been to any punjabi party before. And his party was a rock star! First it was rather formal with the family and all, speeches from his daddy and grandpa. Then it was alcohol, music and dancing all night! I never know family members and friends can be place in a same party together. Haha.. It was nice meeting everyone from high school. Really feels good. Like some kinda reunion, with Puan Surinder as Jazvinder’s mummy. Don’t know should call her aunty surinder or PUAN? All of us are like asking about what are we doing right now, which college, etc.. And whenever any of them ask where am i now, i’ll answer HELP! I am glad all of them are doing good and all.


4 of us were quite close back in high school..

Still close with the one beside me, Thini..



My Cibet exboyfriend in high school, Alif..



The guys who sees us, the girls, grow bobbies since Form 1




Ashwin.. Our junior.. We see him grow taller and see his grass grow from his chin

Amrish, the scary, pervertic friend that i never know what is he doing now.


Adrian, aka, Doremon! The guy i used to have a crush on back in Form 4.

He looks like Daniel Ong, a 987 dj. Haha..


Yoga, the one is white, the fat guy in the back of F3 class who pissed and grossed my good friend out most of the time in f3.


And my birthday boy, Jasvinder! Know him since Form 1..


And my forever close friend since Form 1, Thini..




Tze Liang! The funny fat guy from Chemistry tuition.. He lost alot of weight de now. Lolx..








Ok.. Had a lil drink or 6 cups of wine and beer! Whisky is served but i hate that and vodka. Anyway, the alcohol made me super sleepy. So i kinda slept off towards the end of the party. Haha.. And the music rock! It’s even better than those RnB songs in those clubs! It’s a great experience… I had a great time..

Alif Sohai!

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Fluff and Drama (0)


I had been very busy and tired lately. Last Tuesday went out to Pyramid to meet Chew King, Su-Lyn, Rachael, Wenyi and Wei Wen. Then we all ended up playing with dogs at a pet shop name Fluff in NZX when i was giving them a tour there. We had so much fun playing with the dogs. There is this dog i love the most, she’s the shop owner’s adopted dog. She’s such a stoner. She hardly move, she walk away when there is a dog fight, yeah, she don’t get involve. But she’s got heart problem. Poor thing huh? She’s damn cool. Stone!

This is my favorite dog.. The stonner.13012009(001)

This is Flat face. His face super flat. 13012009(002) 13012009(003) 13012009(004) 13012009(005) Su-lyn with the dog.. Obviously stonner doesn’t like her.13012009(006) 13012009(007) 13012009(008) 13012009(009) 13012009(010)

This is the expression that stonner gave when Su-lyn was carrying her. lolx.. 13012009(011) 13012009(012) 13012009(013) 13012009(014) 13012009(015) 13012009(016) 13012009(017) 13012009(018) 13012009(019) 13012009(020) 13012009(021) 13012009(022) 13012009(023) 13012009 I also realized the advice that i gave my friend, out of concern and care, is actually not appreciated. I was bad-mouthed instead.. Disappointed. I just couldn’t believe until today, she still thinks she’s right.

Anyway, been super busy these few days. Wednesdays are suppose to be my chill day. But since i HAVE to take Moral studies, i gotta come for 1 class on wednesday 8am in the morning. Then work at night. :[ Busy.

And it is so impossible to get my Communication in Workplace text books. So pissed. But i manage to photocopy my Info Tech book. Tried to read a few pages, but i don’t seem to get it. lolx..

Most of us in The Movies class was sniffing away to ‘Cinema Paradiso’.

CinemaParadiso It’s an Italian movie that was filmed in 1988 about a famous director going back to the memory lane since his childhood life. It’s a very sentimental with comedy, plus few pornographic scenes movie. Very interesting. Very touching. Made Christine and i cried for sure.

OK. I gotta sleep. Damn tired..

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