New Year, New Things!


Hey people,

I can’t wait to go home to my beloved Johore Bahru later in the morning! I told Wankit i am gonna sleep but here i am, blogging and adding Album Artwork to my Itunes so i get entertained by the the beautiful artwork of the album when i listen to my Gayson(my ipod).

I am so in the Chinese New Year mood! First of all, new clothes! Woot woot!

I didn’t buy much, nor spend much on clothes. All of my bottoms cost less than RM20 and my tops are less than RM25. And I have my eye on this awesome bag from this online store at RM50.

DSC01932 Not bad huh? I have my own reason to get this bag, my bags ain’t big enough for my pencil case, bottle, umbrella, phone, extra food to munch on, Gayson, Jacket and some rubbish that i love to carry that made my other bags handles broke. Sandra really got me hooked on Malaysia’s online shopping which i also don’t get it why on earth they don’t wanna use Ebay that uses Pay Pall which makes transactions easier than fund transfering. Arggh..

Talking about online shopping! Wankit just got me and him a Rutgers University Sweat shirt.. By the way, if you don’t know, it’s his Uni.

FF_105460_l Tried to search for the female picture after he purchase it but i couldn’t. Maybe out of stock de. Anyway, once i get it from him, i’ll post up some shots of it.. I am such a crazy girlfriend huh? Demands alot.. Must be same design one. Haha..

I wanna go home.. Mel, i think you should faster sleep and you can go home tomorrow. :]

Good night, Mel..

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ashreena said...

OMG Rutgers!!! I want also LOL :P

Melanie said...

You know Rutgers?!

ashreena said...

Yeah!! They have this big barbeque thingy on game days. Saw it on Rachael Ray :P

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