The Heat Is Up and The Stress Won't Stop

It's the first week of college, and i am feeling the stress now.

These are the subjects i am taking this semester.
  • East Asia Civilization- very challenging, lots of readings, researches and to do
  • The Movies- Watch all sorts of movies, documentaries in a different point of view. According to the lecturer, it's very technical. Love to learn more about it.
  • Public Relations- Speechless.(classmates should know why)
  • Info Tech, Mass Media & Society- Very theoretical, which means, lots of readings to do. :[
And i got 2 days, 6 hours break before the next class! What the fuck!

I damn sien la this sem. No mood to play dress up to college de. Almost everyday gotta go home after 6pm, where the buses and trains are gonna be packed with sweaty and smelly people! Gosh! Cannot wear heels la.. Cannot wear too revealing la.. I can go die de.

Anyway, my wish for 2009 is... WORLD PEACE! Labels: ,

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