Jassy’s 21st Birthday


Last weekend i skipped working and i went back home. :]

Mainly because of my late aunt’s prayer, Jazvinder’s 21st birthday bash and Jillian, my beloved cousin’s gathering.

It’s nice to be with the family again. Jill and i went back to my place to get a key while the adults do their prayers, Aunt Sharon informed us to buy some drinks and Coke. So we drove back and get some stuff, chat a lil with popo, then we went back to the prayer place. Then we passed the adults and parked the car. As i off the engine, Jill screamed! At that moment i thought Jill saw Aunt Vivian’s spirit or what. Lolx.. She saw the money that was placed in the car that Aunt Sharon gave. We quickly restart back the car and drove off to get the things. You should see my mummy’s face, it’s like “wtf”!

After that we went for a dinner together before Peng Ee send me to RJCC to Jasvinder’s party. Mummy didn’t allow me to drive to Jill’s gathering coz it’s at freaking Ah Fook Street, apparently lots of robbery cases and etc.. So i couldn’t make it to my own cousin’s 21st birthday gathering. Actually there is a hidden agenda behind it too. Probably trying to avoid someone who i don’t wish to see. Anyway, Jaz’s party was awesome! I had never been to any punjabi party before. And his party was a rock star! First it was rather formal with the family and all, speeches from his daddy and grandpa. Then it was alcohol, music and dancing all night! I never know family members and friends can be place in a same party together. Haha.. It was nice meeting everyone from high school. Really feels good. Like some kinda reunion, with Puan Surinder as Jazvinder’s mummy. Don’t know should call her aunty surinder or PUAN? All of us are like asking about what are we doing right now, which college, etc.. And whenever any of them ask where am i now, i’ll answer HELP! I am glad all of them are doing good and all.


4 of us were quite close back in high school..

Still close with the one beside me, Thini..



My Cibet exboyfriend in high school, Alif..



The guys who sees us, the girls, grow bobbies since Form 1




Ashwin.. Our junior.. We see him grow taller and see his grass grow from his chin

Amrish, the scary, pervertic friend that i never know what is he doing now.


Adrian, aka, Doremon! The guy i used to have a crush on back in Form 4.

He looks like Daniel Ong, a 987 dj. Haha..


Yoga, the one is white, the fat guy in the back of F3 class who pissed and grossed my good friend out most of the time in f3.


And my birthday boy, Jasvinder! Know him since Form 1..


And my forever close friend since Form 1, Thini..




Tze Liang! The funny fat guy from Chemistry tuition.. He lost alot of weight de now. Lolx..








Ok.. Had a lil drink or 6 cups of wine and beer! Whisky is served but i hate that and vodka. Anyway, the alcohol made me super sleepy. So i kinda slept off towards the end of the party. Haha.. And the music rock! It’s even better than those RnB songs in those clubs! It’s a great experience… I had a great time..

Alif Sohai!

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reshma reshu said...

wah looked like so so much fun man..wow u actually liked all the punjabi songs...coolness..guess u abit too high edi la.. =)

del88 said...

i had fun too :) well hope there will lots more 21st birthdays coming up

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