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I am so happy now. I’m finally home! Yeah.. I miss my family alot. Yesterday squeezed in a car with my Uncle’s family with the 4 of us at the backseat. After 4 hours, finally reach home..

Then went to the new Jusco opened near my place. Sofa King huge but not much entertainment, eg:Cinemas and Karaoke Box. Anyway, mummy bought a pair of sandals and GLADIATORS! I never once tried on a gladiators that look nice on me.. This is just so rare, so she bought it for me. :]

Then we bought the same checkers shirt for Chinese new year. :]

Damn Happy! Woohoo!!

Later on, mummy dyed my hair.. But the colour isn’t that obvious. :[ Never mind la.. After i washed my hair, i rushed to get ready to meet the girls at City Square for Coffee Bean, which i don’t like. Starbucks is still better in so many ways. It was nice meeting them up.

Anyway.. Here’s some happy moments with my family earlier on during reunion at my place.

100_4025 100_4026


100_4030 100_4031 100_4033 100_4035 100_4038 100_4039 100_4040 100_4041 100_4043 100_4045 100_4046 100_4044

Yum Seng!

Feels so good to be home again with my family..

I just wish we can be more united.

Can’t wait to wear my new clothes tomorrow!!

Music of CNY: Wonder Girls-Nobody

Introduced by Jillian.. And it’s ringing in my head like non-stop!

Wonder Girls-Nobody

And this is Jillian dancing Nobody in City Square last night!

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Karthini said...

Awww Mel! You're family is lovely!! Its so nice to see everyone together and having a great time! You really miss JB right when you're in KL? I do too!!! So much! I'm stuck with an exam during CNY but i'm glad that you managed to get home to spend it with your family! Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family my dear :)

And hooray for the new clothes!Lol..and the bag is really nice! :) I wish i could go shopping..but i'm so broke!!! :(

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