Lunar New Year


New layout! :]

I’m back in PJ now. Really missing home so badly. Especially Mummy and Poppy.. My trip back home this Chinese New Year was a great trip. I practically stayed at home and i met people that i always wanna meet, High School friends..

First Day of Lunar New Year with Poppy

100_4048 Not to forget, playing fire cracker!
My lil sister’s idea..


100_4078 Poppy made home-made Yu Shang!


100_4096 The kids drinking liquor, thanks to our bartender of the day, Jillian & Mark.
As usual, i stick to my wine.








My favourite dog after Ringo, JJ.


Meeting up my high school friends are great!! :]
Leng Yang

100_4135 Yeng Pyng

100_4140 Miss this scene..
I always get this scene every single morning of my Form 6 life.

100_4141 With Teik




Did i mentioned that i got into an accident in the parking lot on the 3rd day of CNY? Yup! I have to admit it was a very unlucky day for me.. The whole day unlucky ok? Mummy paid RM250 for the damage to that victim. I was reversing, but i forgotten to look back. Then, tadah! Damn sway! The same night, my high school mates are gathering at Wen Xie’s house for gambling session, but mummy don’t let me go out! She keep saying it wasn’t my day..

Owh.. Mummy ain’t getting me a car anymore.

Arggh! I have an undone assignment due on this Thursday and a presentation on Islam for Morale Studies next week. Damn lazy! I’m still in the holiday mood!! Damn!

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Karthini said...

Hey, i like your new layout.:) And i understand how you feel about still being in holiday mood. Its so freaking hard to get into fact it sucks!

But what you gotta do. Try getting into the flow. Dont get stressed..thats important!

Melanie said...

:[ i miss u.. honestly, i wanna go back to jb now and sleepover at ur place.. i feel like time is too short.. really miss u.

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