My Valentine’s day was sad sad day.. Tho pretty happy that my huge Forever 21 bag is on it’s way from States, i kinda lost my cousin, Jillian. :[
She went to Australia for a year to graduate there. If i’m going to States, i might not be able to see her for 3-4 years.. So it’s now, or 4 years later..

We went to Aunt Sharon’s place in Singapore, then hung out at IMM Mall, then had steamboat at Aunt Sharon’s place for dinner. So nice to spend time with family.. By the way, Jing Ern, Jillian and i got the same outer wear for cold places. Damn crazy! I was kinda surprised that mummy actually bought it for me. :]





100_4166 We used to take pictures like that when we were younger



After dinner, we headed to Changi Airport Terminal 3 to check Jillian in and send her to Australia. Honestly, these pictures really made myself damn suaku. I’ve never been to Changi Airport Terminal 3 before and the last time i went to Changi was years ago! Hahha.. I am pretty sure i prefer Terminal 3 than KLIA.


Mummy & Jo


Their airport is so bright


Not much shops here compare to T1 & T2


But they got awesome ceilings.. I don’t know why is it like that but it’s arts..


To capture this red fan is like chasing fly.. Keep moving around.


Shops in the departure hall.. So happening, unlike the outside of it.



My popo


My mummy


Can you see my eyes? Gonna cry de.


So hard to control my tears when she is leaving. After all, i’ve known her for the rest of my life, we grew up together, fought together, share things together, did crazy stuff together, climb up to our popo’s wardrobe together and have picnic there, see each other at least once a week, went to tuitions together. We shared so many precious memories together.. I might not see her for the next 4 years, so i guess this is really goodbye. I hope you study hard hard, score high high marks and get good good job and come States and find me.. You’ll always be my beloved and loving Jillian Jie Jie. I am missing and will always miss you


*She wears underwears for me when i was younger.

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