The Shan


There is this Fly FM DJ studying in my college. Apparently, only Sandra can recognize him. So she went and say hi and everything, then we joined the conversation. He’s nice and all.. Talking to him, reminds me of Shan Wee. Nope, DJ Prem is no where as good looking as Shan Wee..

This is DJ Prem


And this is Shan Wee


The guy on Teddy Geiger’s right


The guy in yellow


Guy In yellow


The only guy

I love to describe him as, the Chinese mix Irish who is 190cm, that went to Japan to teach English and then became a DJ in Singapore’s 987fm and nearly dated Denise Keller in a reality show, “Eye For A Guy 2”. He is so good looking. Met him in person when i was in MCR concert in 2007. :]

I remember i was sofa king crazy over him. I can call in during his show and talk to him and make stupid dedication. Haha.. So funny lah last time.. But i definitely prefer Singapore DJ than Malaysian DJs.

Ok, Christine ordered me to do this tag,

Please people, NEVER tag me.

1. What are you currently reading?
My blog.
2. What are your favourite books?
Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
3. What are your favourite movies?
Ip Man
4. What is your favourite snack?
Beef Jerky,
5. What is your type of tea?
Passion Tea
6. Where do you mostly find your photo-loves?
When i see Wankit
7. What is more intense to you - pictures or words?
8. Would you rather be an artist or a writer?
9. What are your favorite magazines?
Waste of money.. But i like Teen Vogue
10. Which program do you make your collages?
11. If you could live any where you wanted to right now, where would it be?
8 Aspen CT
12. What is your favorite(s) flower(s)?
I love Daisies.
13. What perfume do you use?
Armani Code
14. What is your favorite accessory?
My watch and Wankit
15. Where are your favourite places to shop?
16. What is your personal style?
I wear whatever that i like
17. What does your wardrobe consist of?
18. What is your favourite beauty product?
Not a beauty person
19. What is your favourite kind of shoe?
All sorts.
20. Finally, complete the following sentence. I dream of...:
my dad never leave us in the first place.

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6 Responses:

Karthini said...

Oh yes...Shan Wee is sooooooooooooo good looking! Lol....and he's freaking tall la...

Melanie said...

Shan Wee vs Prem.. Who thini?

reshma reshu said...

omg now oni u guys know that prem in our uni..i know prem damn well la..i play stomp with him oso la..we played for the fly-niversary la..haha =) but good la u guys met him..he hardly go class one la..haha =) does he actually come for ad-copywriting?? haha =)

Karthini said...

Shan Wee vs Prem??? Are you kidding me? Sure la Shan!!!! Hahaha.....

ashreena said...

OMG! You like Shan Wee!!! Hahaha :P

Melanie said...

Yes!! Shan Wee is the bomb! But now.. I don't know how he looks like le. U like Shan wee too?

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