We’ve Only Got Last Minute to Save The World


Last minute again! Yes! We’re all doing our assignment last minute again. I remembered telling all of my classmates end of last semester that i will never do last minute work, and here we are, rushing our Communication In Workplace’s assignment till late last night. I only got less than 4 hours of sleep. Sipping my coffee while preparing for college now, and blogging & listening to music. I guess my assignment marks is gonna suck big time. First thing is, coz my references are all from webbies coz i lost the copied notes of the Chapter 1 of the text book(haven’t got mine yet), my citations is definitely not APA style and i only have 3 references only. Damn screwed!

Gotta prepare for some tests and presentations this month before last minute. Pray for me i won’t procrastinate like this one anymore!

Gtg! I miss Jillian!


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Karthini said...

Aww..Mel i miss you too. I know that you feel like drowning sometimes and can be overwhelmed with all your assignments. I felt like that during my whole course. Its terrible and lonely. I know you miss Wan kit alot too. Just try to hang in there..you have to try. You're strong la..i know you're capable of doing it. No worries..just keep reminding yourself that you have to work hard. :)

Procrastination is inevitable for a student Mel. No matter what you to do, there will still be a point where you'll find yourself struggling to cope. You just have to gather yourself as best you can yeah?? But please get enough sleep...thats very very important. You'll get loads more work done when you're well rested.

And i'll pray that you wont procrastinate anymore. Lol...

Melanie said...

thanks sweet heart.. i will try to work hard.

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