Outdated and Almost Forgotten


Did i tell you guys that Christine Wong nearly win a pair of tickets to catch Jason Mraz live in Malaysia? Haha..


There was this particular day, we all decided to go to main block for lunch like we always do. Then we saw this MYfm car in front of the main entrance of college. We assume they were giving out goodies, so Sandra and i went to check it out, poor Joanna and Christine gotta follow us. First they were giving out buns.. We all didn’t take it, only Sandra did. Therefore, Sand asked us why not we take it and give it to her, so we all go ask for one and give it to Sandra.

10022009Then they were giving out RM30 voucher of a Chicken rice shop in OUG. Don’t know where but we just answer their question and get those vouchers. We all got it.

Then when we were about to leave, they said something like Jason Mares. I didn’t catch that, except for Christine, so she was damn excited to win it..

Damn lazy to write how she didn’t win it but.. Let me conclude it, she didn’t win it.

12022009(001)This is a mysterious women in red, with an u-gly fat guy at the back

12022009I damn lazy to do presentation tomorrow on ISLAMIC AH!!! I do not wanna go to college tomorrow but i wanna wear my new converse shoe that Jillian gave me. :]

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