No such thing as perfect.. But what you can do for yourself is to, change yourself. Have hope in yourself.. Nobody can help you except for yourself. That’s why i am choosing this route for a future that is so uncertain. I hope and pray that my application will be approve. And that’s how i am gonna build my future, together with him.. No one is perfect, but there is always a space for improvement is you determine to change yourself. If you love yourself, stop smoking, stop drinking so often, don’t risk your safety.. The people around you care.

I’m weak now.. Falling ill.. THINI!! I’m thinking of going back this weekend to send my dearest cousin, probably my closest friend off this Valentine’s.

I hope the fever will not be as high as the previous one.. I must have got it from Christine..

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Karthini said...

Yes, there isnt such a thing as being perfect. I understand..really i do. You made decisions before but this decision is really big. Explore all your options and hope for the best. Since you're praying that your application will be approved,then so will i.

And what do you mean you're falling ill???!! I told you, nothing is more important than your health! You must eat, drink lots of water and have enough sleep!! Like you said, if you love yourself dont risk your safety. And go see a doc as fast as you can if your fever persists. Dont take it lightly yeah??If you decide to come back to jb..call me...we'll meet up k?

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