Brand New Eyes


Finally bought Paramore's brand new album, 'Brand New Eyes'. It's not bad. I prefer Riot more. Maybe i am just not used to it yet. I should listen more to it.

I like the butterfly print. It's so pretty. Just it's a lil gay for Josh, Jeremy, Zac and Taylor. Hehe.. I like!

I was craving for Sambal Belacan these past few days as the weather is dropping to 13 degrees celsius, sometime 8 degrees in the morning, and i am still getting used to Fahrenheit. It's super confusing. So why not just stick to celsius huh?
Anyway, really cold. I miss spicy food and all. So i decided to make Sambal Belacan and ABC Soup to warm myself up. :D

Here's the recipe:
Pound the chili padi, as much as you desire, depends on the spicy level of the chili padi too. Like in US, the chili padi, tak pedas, so add banyak banyak.
Mash the belacan about 2 slices of 1cm, with lime juice, sugar and salt. Add both belacan and chili together. Wallla! Pedas pedas sambal belacan!!!

By the way, i forgotten to tell you how silly i was in the last post. I was trying clothes in Forever 21, and i saw a pair of flats is pretty cheap and nice but i'm not allowed to bring into the changing room, so i left it outside the changing room..... and i forgotten to buy. :[

And i forgotten to pay Miley Cyrus's line tank top when i was paying my stuff at Walmart. Haha.. Coz i hung the tank top on my shoulder. Didn't realize until i walk out of the building. Haha.. So blur! Feel so Sandra now.

By the way, i'm trying on Blogo for mac. It's as good as Windows Live Writer, but i have to pay $25 for it. I'm using the free-trial now. Huhuhu.. Everything is so expensive. I am damn broke now..

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Baby iMac


Wankit & i just had a new baby, named iMac.
I am currently blogging with iMac. I am happy with this gem, of coz, but learning everything all new with Mac OS Snow Leopard is hard.

Plus, i am blogging using in the browser. I miss blogging with Windows Live Writer, which is easier to preview.

Anyone who is using Mac to blog on Blogger, please recommend a suitable software please...

And MSN Messenger. :[ Why cannot webcam one? Have to buy Microsoft Office is it? :[
Damn frustrating using Mac at the first time.

Anyway, on the brighter side, it's stylish and awesome!! And i bought a pair of boots that is sexy!

So happy!

And i bought myself some nice clothes and jeans from F21. :D

I am just too happy today.

Wankit is happy too! He got himself an Oakley Sunnies!

Saw these Prada Sunnies that is so seductive.

But too expensive. Probably get it myself for my birthday present. Haha..
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“Life is Beautiful”


Remember the beginning of the year, i complied a video of my 2008? I was driving while listening to Vega4 in the car, and it was playing ‘Life is Beautiful’. Reminds me of my video, and some flash back of 2008. What a wonderful year it was..

2009, is almost coming to an end.. What a drastic difference, between 2008 and 2009. I am somewhere so far away from my family and friends, yet so near to the one i love.

2009, is a big change for me. I really miss 2008 alot.. I miss my college mates, i miss the USJ 13 peeps, i miss the RDs and i miss my family + Jillian..

2009 is so much without them. Yet 2009, is so much of being happy with Wankit.

2008 or 2009, i still think life is indeed beautiful no matter what happens. We don’t have to understand, we just need to get through it and enjoy it.

From where i stand today, 2009, is all about building a future, with Wankit.


Rejoice Muggles!




Looks so fake huh? Wait till it’s done!

It's hard to believe anything good could come out of Draco Malfoy's mouth but today in a media webcast, Draco (aka actor Tom Felton) let us know that the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, a 20-acre "fully immersive" theme park attraction would be opening at the Universal Studios Orlando in Spring 2010. Muggles and Wizards rejoice!

Tom Williams, chairman and CEO, Universal Parks and Resorts was joined by Harry Potter films production designer Stuart Craig and show producer Alan Gilmore to give out a special sneak peek of the most anticipated theme park attraction since...hmm...maybe since Disney World opened? You all know how nutty HP fans get over the newest books/films. But imagine what they'll do to experience riding a Hippogriff or sending owl mail or exploring forbidden rooms in Hogwarts Castle?

FLIGHT OF THE HIPPOGRIFF – Flight of the Hippogriff is a family coaster simulating a Hippogriff training flight over the grounds of Hogwarts castle.Early conceptual rendering of Flight of the Hippogriff.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is part of the Universal Islands at the park where it will be its own sort of theme park within a theme park. All the rides, shops and dining experiences will be straight from the world of Harry Potter. Most importantly, it will be "truthful" to the visual images experienced through the films of Harry Potter.

"Everything will be scaled to size with an incredible level of detail," said Williams.

At the entrance to the Wizarding World, Hogwarts Express will be "billowing steam" and blowing its whistler to signal your arrival into the Hogsmeade station. From there, visitors can begin walking through Hogwarts Village, stopping into Zonko's Joke Shop, Honeyduke's Candy Shop, The Three Broomsticks and Hog's Head Pub. Word is that Three Broomsticks will serve traditional British fare and butterbeer but we're sure they'll have some cheeseburgers and fries as well.

The Wizarding World will also include an Owlery, a sort of open village meeting space where actual owls will rest in the space overhead. Ollivander's Wand Shop will feature an interactive wand shop where the wand will "choose" you much like it does in the Harry Potter books.

As for the rides, a high-speed rollercoaster inspired by the Tri-Wizard Tournament will be running as will a Hippogriff roller coaster where Hagrid teaches you how to "properly ride a Hippogriff."

OLLIVANDERS – Ollivanders wand shop is an incredible interactive experience where the wand chooses the wizard.Early conceptual rendering of Ollivanders, located in Hogsmeade.

But the biggest attraction for Harry Potter fans will be the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey experience within the towering Hogwarts Castle. This attraction will allow you to see some of the iconic spaces that exist within the castle. Williams promises visitors will be "swept up into a journey that really captures the great stories, great characters and great experiences from the books and the films." Pretty please say the Room of Requirement will be accessible here!

Upon leaving the castle to go back to Hogsmead, Filch's Emporium of Confiscated Goods will feature Ministry of Magic and Magical Creatures merchandise, Omnioculars and remote control Golden Snitches. Speaking of merchandise, there will be tons of Harry Potter merchandise available throughout the Wizarding World from Quidditch equipment to Triwizard apparel, Bertie Bott's candy, Extendable Ears, Spectrespecs and Remembralls. The Universal folk also said that the products have been developed specifically for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and can only be bought here.

We're so excited for this experience to open in Spring we really can't control ourselves. Or as Draco Malfoy put it "It's going to blow some serious minds.


I am gonna save money so i can visit there next year! Woot!

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America’s First Zoo


The whole family had their day off today. So we headed to the zoo! Yea, again..
I don’t mind, coz i love animals. They are so amazing. Although i was still scared and a little terrified by the haunting video on Youtube of the Singapore Zoo White Tiger eating a man.

We visited the first American Zoo in Philadelphia today.

zoo 004

This monkey is so adorable

zoo 015

Before i snap the picture, it was covering it’s face with his hand. I guess it didn’t know where to go and it was thinking, “alamak, use which branch ah?”.

zoo 016

Then there is the souvenir, it transform your penny into this awesome souvenir. Cheap and memorable.

zoo 072

zoo 040

zoo 051

Haha.. Moo.. Reminds me of my mummy.

zoo 097

Tigers! No White Tigers tho..

zoo 082

zoo 090 

Flamingoes just reminds us of Wern Sern.

zoo 117

That’s how they sleep.

zoo 116

zoo 110 

zoo 111 

Ah.. For more pictures, visit HERE!

I am gonna hit the sheets. I’m dead tired.

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Walked Away


Today it’s mummy’s birthday. It’s my first time not being able to celebrate with her. Really hurts alot. I miss her alot.


Happy birthday mummy!!

I’m sure she had fun. I love you alot..

Just came back from Philadelphia with Wankit’s family. We visited zoo again. It is the first zoo in America. It’s quite huge. Will update in awhile.

I just miss home so much. We’re having steamboat later for dinner. I forgotten to buy some ingredients to make some special chili sauce. I feel so sad. Very sad that i can’t bring my hometown’s taste home.

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Pistachio Ice-Cream


I am currently addicted to Pistachio Ice-Cream!


It’s green and it has weird taste. With the Pistachio nuts in it.

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Make It Up Girl (2)


This whole week i had been buying stuff. Some Victoria Secrets Body Mist, Body Shop Concealer, Neutrogena buy-one-free-one Blusher & Liquid foundation. Hehe.. So happy!

045 042

Owh! And a make-up traveler set, in pink.


I’m recovering from my illness. And i am all stocked up with tons of vitamins.


The boyfriend is wanting me to accompany him to watch Family Guy with him.


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Typical Woman


It’s a relaxing day today. Made wanton noodles, watch tv, edit blog and boyfriend brought me out for a shopping for shoe.

And i chosen this pair by Roxy.



It’s gonna last throughout winter with the fur.

And bought some make-up product from Neutrogena, buy-one-free-one offer. Bahaha..

Got a new game too! Prince Caspian. Damn lame, but cheap.


I’m happy. I’m feeling better now.

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I’m ill. :(

Kinda miss mummy’s love and TLC.

Craving for Peng Ee’s Chicken Porridge now..

Hopefully i’ll get better by tomorrow so i can make wanton for lunch..

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